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Approved Major Capital Equipment Projects

Top 30 Projects by 2004-05 Expenditure

AIR 5416 Electronic Warfare Self-Protection for Selected ADF Aircraft

Prime contractors: Phase 2A - BAE Systems; Phase 2B - Tenix Defence

This project will acquire electronic warfare self-protection and ballistic protection measures for selected ADF aircraft. The project is being implemented under three distinct sub-phases comprising a grouping of Black Hawk with Chinook helicopters, the C-130H fleet and the Sea King helicopters.

Phase 2A will acquire and integrate electronic warfare self-protection onto Black Hawk and Chinook helicopters. The Prime Contract was awarded to BAE Systems on4 February 2005. One of the main activities under the prime contract is the development of the integration design from the initial design activity. The full production contract is yet to be negotiated, but it is anticipated that the Black Hawk and Chinook fleets will be modified by late 2009.

Phase 2B will upgrade the electronic warfare self-protection capability on all C-130H aircraft. The prime contract was awarded to Tenix in December 2004 and the completion of the engineering design activity is expected in November 2005 to allow induction of the first aircraft in early 2006. The anticipated in-service date for the first four C-130H aircraft is mid-2007, with all 12 aircraft completed by April 2008.

The project exceeded its revised expenditure target for 2004-05 in anticipation of awarding a contract to BAE Systems (Phase 2A) and Tenix (Phase 2B).

The project contributes to Army and Air Force capabilities.

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