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Approved Major Capital Equipment Projects

Top 30 Projects by 2004-05 Expenditure

JP 2070 Ph 2 Lightweight Torpedo Replacement

Alliance agreement: Commonwealth, EuroTorp and Thales Underwater Systems

Phase 2 of this project will introduce the EuroTorp MU90 lightweight torpedo into ADF service in the Anzac- and Adelaide-class frigates, the Super Seasprite and Seahawk helicopters and the P-3 maritime patrol aircraft. This phase will acquire an initial stock of weapons, integrate the weapon to all platforms, establish a local weapon assembly facility and a local in-service support capability. The weapon is being acquired under an Alliance Agreement between the Commonwealth, EuroTorp and Thales Underwater Systems. The agreement was signed in December 2002.

Phase 3 of the project will procure additional weapons, accomplished through a re-negotiated Alliance Agreement. The re-negotiated agreement, which embraces both the remainder of Phase 2 as well as Phase 3, was signed on 31 August 2005. The delay in achieving contract signature for Phase 3 was due to re-negotiations that focused on addressing risks to the Commonwealth and better defining the management arrangements.

European trials of production torpedoes revealed quality control problems. As a result, acceptance of our initial batch of MU90 torpedoes in France is now scheduled for the first quarter of 2006, with delivery to Australia expected in mid 2006. The revised delivery date is subject to satisfactory completion of additional trials.

While the full capability in-service date for the MU90 torpedo is 2009, four Anzac-class frigates have already received the necessary modifications to be able to fire both the current weapon and the MU90. Installation into the other frigates will be completed by December 2007, depending on ship maintenance schedules and fleet activity schedules. The integration contract for the P-3 Orion aircraft is currently being developed. The final integration plan for the helicopters remains to be determined.

The project did not achieve its 2004-05 expenditure targets due to MU90 torpedo production issues, and difficulties associated with re-negotiation of Phase 3 and ADF maritime platform availability.

The project contributes to Navy and Air Force capabilities.

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