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Approved Major Capital Equipment Projects

Top 30 Projects by 2004-05 Expenditure

LAND 53 Ph 1E Ground Surveillance Radar

Prime contractor: Thales

This project is for the acquisition of 58 ground surveillance radars. The Australian Manportable Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar, designed by Thales Defence (UK) and produced by Tenix (Adelaide), is the selected materiel solution. The procurement of ground surveillance radars will provide an all-weather target detection and classification capability and indirect fire adjustment at ranges up to 35km for selected infantry, artillery and cavalry units.

The project is behind schedule due to contractor delays in the completion of trials and rectification work arising from performance and quality deficiencies identified during the test and evaluation process with the radar. Defence has collected liquidated damages from the contractor as a result.

The key outcomes expected in 2004-05 were the completion of the third trial, finalisation of the build standard and initial delivery of production equipment. The revised estimate anticipated delays to the delivery of production equipment, but the key outcomes were substantially achieved. Due to these delays, the current time frame for introduction into service and commencement of the through-life support contract is now 2005-06.

The project significantly exceeded its revised estimated expenditure for 2004-05 due to the earlier than expected deliveries of production equipment.

This project contributes to Army capability.

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