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Approved Major Capital Equipment Projects

Top 30 Projects by 2004-05 Expenditure

SEA 1439 Ph 4A Collins Replacement Combat System

Prime contractors: United States Department of Defense under a foreign military sales case and an armaments cooperative project. Raytheon Australia, Thales, Sonartech Atlas and ASC Pty Ltd are engaged under separate contracts.

This project will provide a replacement combat system for the Collins-class submarines, contributing to the development of the submarine's full capability. It complements other projects that implement a program of modifications and enhancements to the submarine platform.

Formal testing of the initial sets of the United States Navy tactical command and control system under a foreign military sales case is near completion. The United States components will be delivered to Australia in September 2005. The remainder of the foreign military sales case has been transferred to the armaments cooperative project. The first stage of the Australian-based system was completed in mid-July 2005.

Work on the shore integration facility in Western Australia progressed as scheduled, with completion planned for late 2005. Hardware is being installed progressively at the shore integration site, ready for integration activities.

A platform-design contract and the installation contract for the first submarine have been established with ASC Pty Ltd. Installation of the first replacement combat system is scheduled for completion in November 2006. All submarines are to be upgraded by the end of the decade.

The project did not achieve its 2004-05 expenditure targets because of an eight-month delay in establishing the armaments cooperative project with the United States Navy. This delay will not impact the overall delivery schedule.

This project contributes to Navy capability.

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