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Coordination and Public Affairs Division

Responsiveness to Ministers

The Defence Committee continues to receive a monthly report on Defence's performance in meeting the provision of high quality, coordinated advice to the Ministers and Parliamentary Secretary.

Defence provided its Ministers and Parliamentary Secretary with 5,308 submissions or briefs during 2004-05.

Defence prepared and dispatched 5,869 responses to ministerial representations. Approximately 70 per cent of this correspondence was completed on time. Because of an increase in the number of letters requiring complex responses across Defence, the percentage of responses completed on time fell in 2004-05.

Table 5.1 Ministerial Correspondence and Advice
Types of Advice/Correspondence 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05
Submissions and briefs 2,955 4,250 5,093 5,308
Responses to ministerial representations prepared and dispatched 8,777 12,564 11,240 5,869
Percentage of responses completed on time 76% 83% 77 % 70%

During the year, 36 Cabinet Submissions or memoranda were provided to Cabinet or its National Security Committee.

During 2004-05, Defence received 195 Parliamentary Questions on Notice, and submitted 137 responses to Hansard. In addition, five questions from the Senate were transferred to other portfolios. Defence also responded to 156 questions on notice through parliamentary committees.

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