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Coordination and Public Affairs Division

Key Achievements for 2004-2005

During 2004-05, Coordination and Public Affairs Division:

  • established a comprehensive intranet site which provides Defence's people with advice on the provision of support to the Ministers and related processes. The Division has had very positive feedback from Defence staff and the Ministers;
  • improved monitoring of Defence's progress in delivering key election commitments and other priorities as determined by the Government;
  • supported dedicated staff information sessions and formal monthly ministerial writing courses to educate staff and raise awareness about accountability to the Government;
  • established the Australian Defence Headquarters' network to improve the high-level coordination and flow of information between Services and Groups;
  • provided deployed public affairs support to ADF operations in Iraq, tsunami assistance in Sumatra, Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste and 90th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings through the 1st Joint Public Affairs Unit. In addition, the unit provided tactical public affairs support to seven major ADF combined/joint exercises and events;
  • undertook 1,706 imagery tasks, processing 35,000 new still images and digitally archiving 10,000 historic images. In addition, 38 hours of vision of Defence activities was processed, with 141 Defence video news releases, 54 compiles and 93 web videos being issued;
  • fielded 8,666 media inquiries and issued 1,571 media releases and alerts in support of Government and departmental announcements, media launches, events and in response to emerging issues;
  • conducted 32 formal public affairs training courses for 453 Defence participants and provided a total of eight media awareness training and media operations simulation sessions in support of Defence colleges, organisations and military units preparing to deploy for operations;
  • received and processed 384 requests in support of commercial film and television productions/documentaries and applications of Commonwealth copyright material;
  • continued to improve the useability and service delivery of the Defence Internet homepage. The domain had 24.1 million pages viewed;
  • produced 69 issues of the Navy, Army and Air Force newspapers, distributing a total of 1.5 million copies to Defence members and subscribers annually;
  • established a re-vamped quality monthly Defence Magazine, which is a key internal communications tool that complements the Service newspapers; and
  • consolidated the Results Through People philosophy, which seeks to create an organisational climate in which people can do their best, by delivering 47 workshops; and expanding the Results Through People network to encompass around 30 regional leaders at major Defence locations throughout Australia and Defence staff based at the Australian Embassy in Washington.
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