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Chief Information Officer Group

Key Achievements for 2004-05

During 2004-05, the Chief Information Officer Group:

  • was formed in accordance with the recommendations of an external study into the Defence information environment organisational arrangements. The focus for 2004-05 was on consolidating functions and processes and transferring enterprise application development functions and resources from other Defence Groups;
  • introduced a framework to formalise the relationship between those areas of Defence responsible for business process definition and standardisation and the Chief Information Officer Group. As part of this framework, the Chief Information Officer Group has taken ownership of the information and records management processes for Defence;
  • developed and published the strategic vision for the Defence information environment in support of Defence's future warfighting concept;
  • developed and continues to implement integrated strategic planning and risk management processes which more transparently connect Defence information management investment with Defence plans and priorities;
  • completed a baseline review of Defence expenditure on the information systems and capability. Defence systems are also being modified to provide the ability to routinely report on this aspect of Defence expenditure; and
  • initiated a comprehensive program to implement the recommendations arising from the portfolio evaluation of corporate governance of the Defence information environment.
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