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Vice Chief of the Defence Force Group


The Group's total spend for 2004-05 was $278.2m, consisting of $7.6m capital budget and $270.6m operating budget (of which $15.2m was managed on behalf of the portfolio).

As at 30 June 2005, the owner support function of the Vice Chief of the Defence Force Group had 357 military personnel and 705 Australian Public Service staff 1.

Key Achievements for 2004-2005

During 2004-05, the owner support elements of the Vice Chief of the Defence Force Group:

  • progressively implemented the Defence Integrated Distribution Contract with TenixToll Defence Logistics;
  • commenced the Stocktake Remediation Project to improve reporting of stocktaking;
  • established a working group to review Reserve remuneration following the Government's 2004 election policy commitment to further enhance the contribution of Reserves to operations in the defence of Australia and its interests;
  • developed a Government-approved plan to remove barriers to indigenous participation in ADF cadets;
  • implemented the 'Pathways Project' which is designed to present the ADF as an employer of choice to ADF cadets; and
  • provided welfare and family support assistance to 9,786 ADF families during the period. The centre also provided briefings to a number of commanders and members on the ADF welfare systems.

  1. Further information on Defence's people can be found in Chapter Three - People. [ back ]
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