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Outcome Five: Strategic Policy

Defence Cooperation

Other Regional Activities

A range of activities were undertaken, including conferences and seminars, single-Service and combined training, multilateral activities, and Defence Cooperation activities with India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The defence relationships with India and Pakistan, which were suspended in May 1998 following these countries' nuclear tests, have now resumed and have regained their previous momentum, but with a greater emphasis on activities that will improve the level of strategic dialogue with both countries.


Major activities undertaken during the year were the Pacific-area senior officer logistics seminar, the maritime air surveillance course, the Defence management seminar, Five Power Defence Arrangements meetings, study visits and support for multilateral training activities. Australia continues to benefit from the opportunity to exercise with fellow member nations under the auspices of the Five Power Defence Arrangements. In addition, multilateral exercises Bersama Shield, held in April 2005, and Bersama Lima, held in August 2004, included non-conventional threat scenarios to assist the continued development of the group's ability to address contemporary asymmetric threats to regional security, including the threat of international terrorism.


Defence Cooperation with India included staff college exchanges and senior visits to and from India, including visits to India by the Chief of Defence Force in August 2004 and the Secretary of the Department of Defence in June 2005. The third Defence Joint Working Group meeting with India, held in March 2005 in Canberra, was a significant event in our strategic dialogue. Australian and Indian principals agreed to continue to develop the Australian India bilateral defence relationship in areas of mutual interest.


The focus of Defence Cooperation activities with Pakistan were staff college exchanges and training activities in Australia. Pakistan's Chief of Air Force visited Australia in March 2005 and attended the Avalon Air Show.D


The modest defence relationship with Bangladesh continues to be supported by occasional attendance at training activities in Australia.

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