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Outcome Five: Strategic Policy

Defence Cooperation

Papua New Guinea

The Australian and Papua New Guinea Ministers for Defence signed a joint statement on an Enhanced Defence Partnership in December 2004, which became the new capstone agreement for the bilateral defence relationship. Australia continued to provide significant assistance to the Papua New Guinea Government's Defence Reform Program, which aims to create a smaller, more affordable, effective and responsive defence force. Further progress with Papua New Guinea Defence Force downsizing and improved stability in the force have enabled us to begin joint planning for Australian assistance to the capability rebuilding phase of the program. A joint ADF-Papua New Guinea Defence Force team reviewed the force structure and capability requirements of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force, to provide a sound basis for defence capability rebuilding, including in the key areas of financial reform and organisational renewal.

The Defence Cooperation Program with Papua New Guinea is focused on advisory staff, training, combined exercises, technical advice and joint infrastructure projects. Highlights included the commencement of a five-year project to improve Papua New Guinea defence infrastructure and the creation of four new 'in-line' positions for senior ADF personnel in Papua New Guinea Defence Force headquarters and the Papua New Guinea Department of Defence. Australian assistance to refurbish ammunition magazines and conduct security awareness training further improved Papua New Guinea Defence Force small arms security. All planned joint ADF-Papua New Guinea Defence Force exercises took place successfully, including a major annual engineering exercise, a company-level infantry exchange and a maritime surveillance exercise. Support was also provided to Papua New Guinea Defence Force contingents as part of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands.

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