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Outcome Five: Strategic Policy

Capability Performance Information

Output 5.1 Capability for Strategic and International Policy, Activities and Engagement

This output provides strategic and international policy advice to the Government to enable it to make sound judgements on, and develop appropriate responses to, changes in Australia's strategic circumstances and specific security issues as they arise. It also applies strategic policy guidance to assist the development of recommendations to the Government on international engagement activities and initiatives.

Performance Targets Performance
Provide the Government with comprehensive and timely strategic policy advice on current and emerging international Defence issues. Achieved. Defence provided comprehensive and timely strategic policy advice to the Government that contributed to the achievement of Australia's strategic objectives. This included policy advice in support of ministerial visits to foreign countries. Defence also provided advice on:
  • issues associated with the effort to stabilise and rebuild Iraq;
  • issues associated with Australia's involvement in Afghanistan;
  • advancing Australia's alliance objectives with the United States in areas such as missile defence and interoperability;
  • the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands;
  • the Enhanced Cooperation Program with Papua New Guinea (particularly governance and fiscal management improvement in the Papua New Guinea Defence Organisation);
  • defence relations with the wider Asian region;
  • the development of Defence Cooperation with other nations;
  • regional counter-terrorism assistance;
  • Defence's operation to provide relief to victims of the South-East Asia tsunami; and
  • a review of the bilateral Defence Cooperation program and the signing of a new Ministerial-level agreement for the Australia-Papua New Guinea Enhanced Defence Partnership.
Defence's international engagement activities continue to support Australia's efforts to promote regional and global security. Achieved. Defence undertook a comprehensive range of international engagement activities to support Australia's efforts to promote regional and global security. This included strategic-level dialogue between senior Australian and foreign defence officials, consultation and cooperation on areas of mutual interest, training and training-related projects and exercises conducted under the Defence Cooperation Program. Defence supported multilateral security initiatives such as the Proliferation Security Initiative.
Defence's overseas representatives contribute to the effective management of Australia's defence interests in the context of overall bilateral relationships. Achieved. Defence's overseas representatives successfully contributed to the effective management of Australia's defence interests, achieved largely through their advice on, and personal contributions to, developing and strengthening bilateral relationships with allies, neighbours, the Middle East and Europe. Their activities were guided by Defence's objectives for international engagement as well as directives to Defence Attachés. Defence also established the position of Defence Adviser to NATO and the European Union.
Effectively manage the Defence Cooperation Program to achieve the aims of the program. Achieved. Defence successfully managed the Defence Cooperation Program, achieving significant outcomes. The program consists of activities aimed at strengthening defence relationships in accordance with the international engagement objectives articulated in the Defence International Engagement Plan. These activities included the provision of training, technical advice, infrastructure development and logistics support to regional nations. Specific details can be found in the Defence Cooperation section.
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