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Outcome Four: Air Force Capabilities

Capability Performance Information

Output 4.1 Capability for Air Combat Operations

Air Combat Group provides the Air Force's air combat capability. It includes the provision of F/A18 and F111 aircraft, crews, weapon systems and support infrastructure at the level of capability required to provide air control, maritime and land strike, offensive air support and a limited reconnaissance capability. Hawk Lead In fighter aircraft and PC 9 Forward Air Control training aircraft contribute to this capability.

Performance Targets Performance
Quality Achieve levels of preparedness directed by the Chief of the Defence Force for military response options with a warning time of less than 12 months. Achieved. Preparedness levels were achieved and demonstrated through F/A-18 and F-111 participation in exercises Pitch Black 04, Red Flag 05 and Talisman Sabre 05.
Achieve levels of training that maintains core skills and professional standards across all assigned warfare areas. Achieved. Most F/A-18 training objectives were achieved but have been impacted by reduced air traffic control operating hours at Williamtown. The Group's training objectives have been met through participation in a number of major exercises.
Quantity 28 F 111 - 3,800 flying hours. 28 F-111 (17 F 111C; 4 RF 111C; and 5 F 111G). In addition, 2 aircraft have been reallocated as breakdown spares and a further 5 aircraft have been quarantined in long term storage, in line with the logistics support concept.
3,469 hours (91 per cent) were achieved. Overall preparedness objectives were met.
71 F/A 18 - 13,000 flying hours. 71 F/A 18 - 12,467 hours (96 per cent) were achieved. Overall preparedness objectives were met.
33 Hawk - 9,000 flying hours. 33 Hawk - 7,094 hours (79 per cent) were achieved. Limitations in the number of both technical staff and aircrew restricted the capacity to fully achieve the planned flying hours.
4 PC-9/A(F) (Forward Air Control role only) - 1,030 flying hours. 4 PC-9/A(F) (Forward Air Control training role only) - 725 hours (70 per cent) were achieved. This under fly was primarily due to aircraft serviceability and a heavy unit commitment to ground instruction and administration of the ADF Offensive Air Support capability. But the achieved rate of effort is a 10 per cent improvement over the preceding year and it signifies an improving trend in aircraft availability.
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