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Outcome Three: Army Capabilities

Capability Performance Information

Output 3.7 Capability for Regional Surveillance

The regional surveillance capability contributes to the strategic task of defending Australia and supporting peacetime national tasks by providing forces to patrol the north of Australia in support of the national surveillance effort. The capability is maintained through the employment of predominantly Reserve personnel drawn from the local communities and the indigenous population throughout the north of Australia, from the Pilbara to Cape York. The capability for regional surveillance is drawn from three regional force surveillance units: Norforce, the Pilbara Regiment and the 51<sup>st</sup> Far North Queensland Regiment.

Performance Targets Performance
Quality Achieve levels of preparedness directed by the Chief of the Defence Force for military response options with a warning time of less than 12 months. Achieved. All levels of preparedness for military response options were achieved. The three regional force surveillance units provided support to border protection operations in support of Operation Cranberry.
Achieve a level of training that maintains core skills and professional standards across all warfare areas. Achieved. All training activities were achieved.
Quantity Three regional force surveillance units. This target was achieved. The regional surveillance operations capability had the personnel and equipment holdings necessary to complete the tasks required of it.
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