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Outcome Three: Army Capabilities

Capability Performance Information

Output 3.6 Capability for Combat Support Operations

The combat support operations capability contributes to supporting combat forces in the range of strategic tasks in which they may be deployed, including supporting wider interests, defending Australia, securing our immediate neighbourhood and supporting peacetime national tasks. The capability for combat support operations is designed to enhance the conduct of operations through effective communications, surveillance and specialist support (in particular construction engineering, topographical support, intelligence, and electronic warfare operations). The combat support operations capability provides forces at high to medium readiness. Small elements of the capability are held at high readiness to support the high readiness units in other outputs. This capability is drawn from combat support units based throughout Australia.

Performance Targets Performance
Quality Achieve levels of preparedness directed by the Chief of the Defence Force for military response options with a warning time of less than 12 months. Substantially Achieved. The capability met most preparedness requirements as directed in the military response options. Equipment deficiencies and personnel shortfalls in key trades affected some preparedness requirements. The personnel shortfalls are being progressively addressed through the critical trades remediation plan. Equipment deficiencies will be resolved through new acquisition projects and some limited redistribution of assets.
The capability provided significant support to forces deployed on operations throughout the year in all theatres. A construction squadron provided significant support to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Service/Army Community Assistance Program through the construction of facilities for the indigenous communities in the Northern Peninsula area of Far North Queensland.
Achieve a level of training that maintains core skills and professional standards across all warfare areas. Substantially Achieved. Operational deployments and shortfalls in personnel in critical trades affected the achievement of some training requirements.
Quantity Combat support units include:
a surveillance and target acquisition battery;
an engineer support regiment headquarters;
two Army Reserve engineer construction regiments;
two Regular Army engineer construction squadrons;
a construction engineer works section;
a topographical survey squadron;
a signals regiment;
an intelligence battalion;
a military police battalion; and
a combat training centre.
This target was substantially achieved. The combat support operations capability had sufficient personnel and equipment to provide a reduced, yet credible, capability.
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