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Outcome Three: Army Capabilities

Capability Performance Information

Output 3.1 Capability for Special Operations

The special operations capability contributes to the strategic tasks of defending Australia, securing our immediate neighbourhood, supporting wider interests and supporting peacetime national tasks. This is achieved by providing forces to conduct non-combatant evacuation and special recovery operations, counter terrorism and consequence management operations, and support to conventional land operations.

This capability exploits deception and surprise and employs techniques that are discreet, non-escalatory, and avoid collateral damage, particularly in support of Government domestic security operations. The special forces operations capability is maintained at a high degree of readiness.

Performance Targets Performance
Quality Achieve capabilities and levels of preparedness directed by the Chief of the Defence Force for military response options with a warning time of less than 12 months, including the provision of a battalion-sized group within 90 days readiness. Achieved. The special operations capability was able to meet all preparedness requirements for military response options.
Achieve a level of training that maintains core skills and professional standards across all warfare areas (including counter-terrorism). Achieved. All training requirements were met.
Quantity Special Operations Command, comprising:
- a command headquarters;
- a Special Air Service Regiment;
- a Regular Army commando regiment;
- an Army Reserve commando regiment;
- an Incident Response Regiment;
- a Special Forces Training Centre; and
- a combat service support company.
This target was achieved. The special operations capability had the personnel and equipment holdings to complete the likely tasks required of it. The special operations capability continued to increase in accordance with the capability growth plan and will reach maturity in December 2006.
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