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Outcome Two: Navy Capabilities

Capability Performance Information

Output 2.1 Capability for Major Surface Combatant Operations

The surface combatant force comprises six Adelaide-class guided missile frigates and six Anzac-class frigates, progressively increasing to eight by mid-2006. The seventh Anzac class frigate, HMAS Toowoomba, will be commissioned in late 2005. The surface combatant force possesses combat capabilities in all three primary warfare areas (air, surface and undersea) and provides combined coalition and joint ADF command and control facilities for ADF operations.

The guided missile frigate upgrade program for the remaining Adelaide-class guided missile frigates, which is designed to improve air warfare and anti-ship missile defence capabilities, commenced in late 2003 and is due to be completed in 2008. The Anzac class frigates are progressively undergoing capability upgrades including Harpoon missile, mine and obstacle avoidance sonar, and habitability upgrades.

Performance Targets Performance
Quality Achieve levels of preparedness directed by the Chief of the Defence Force for military response options with a warning time of less than 12 months. Achieved. Levels were met in accordance with current preparedness directives.
Achieve a level of training that maintains core skills and professional standards across all warfare areas. Substantially Achieved. Collective and individual training in all disciplines continues to be conducted and assessed for overall improvement on an ongoing basis. The training requirements are continually monitored and refined.
Achieve mission capability(1) for assigned tasks. Substantially Achieved. 92 per cent (3,182 days) for the force. Mission capability was not fully achieved due to various systems-related defects.
Class achievements:
Guided missile frigates - 93 per cent (1,527 days).
Anzac-class frigates - 91 per cent (1,655 days).
Quantity 6 guided missile frigates - 1,621 Unit Ready Days (URD)(2) . 6 guided missile frigates - 102 per cent (1,646 URD achieved). The over achievement was due to a delay in the start of the upgrade for HMAS Sydney, which increased ship availability.
6 Anzac-class frigates - 1,761 URD. 6 frigates - 103 per cent (1,809 URD achieved). The over achievement was due to improved maintenance scheduling during the year, which increased ship availability.


  1. Mission capability measures capability for assigned tasks. It is defined as the required level of unit readiness for the actual tasking for which the force element has been scheduled at any time through its operational cycle. Tasking includes all scheduled activities to achieve assigned Defence operations, international engagement requirements and levels of preparedness required for a military response. Mission capability is assessed against URD achieved to produce a percentage. The mission capability performance is calculated by dividing the URD achieved by the total number of mission capability days recorded throughout the year to produce a percentage.
  2. URD are the number of days that a force element is available for tasking, by the Maritime Commander, either outside of major maintenance and within planned readiness requirements or in accordance with contracted availability. (see Portfolio Budget Statements 2003-04, p.56, for further explanation).
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