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Effectiveness of Investigations and Complaints Handling

Defence Whistleblower Scheme

The current Defence Whistleblower Scheme, which commenced operation in July 2002, applies to all Defence personnel, including Defence contractors.

Defence has a policy of examining all allegations but, as the table below reveals, many of the allegations made are assessed as not warranting a full investigation. In many cases, an initial assessment shows the allegation is incapable of being substantiated because of the lack of evidence and there is little prospect of identifying a suspect.

The total number of allegations for 2004-05 was 162, down from last year's figure of 219.

Allegations of fraud and unethical conduct comprise around two-thirds of all complaints made. The remainder consists of matters such as harassment, mismanagement of resources, use of drugs, discrimination, occupational health and safety, security and assault.

Table 3.36 Defence Whistleblower Scheme 2004-05
Outcome of Allegations
Investigations completed (1) 61
Allegations investigated 65
Allegations not investigated 82
Allegations being considered (2) 15
Total 162
Outcome of completed investigations (3)
Administrative action 22
Unfounded 42
Defence Force Discipline Act 3
Crimes Act 1
Total 68


  1. Investigations completed includes figures from previous years.
  2. Allegations being considered are matters still the subject of initial assessment.
  3. Some investigations have multiple outcomes.
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