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Financial Management
and Business Training

Throughout the reporting period, Defence actively pursued a program of skilling development and delivery to meet the current and emerging financial and business needs of Defence. Training was delivered to some 7,300 participants, and work was progressed on updating course-ware for existing training.

While most training was focused largely on financial systems, more emphasis is being given to financial management-related training and providing Defence staff with a better understanding of the underlying principles of sound financial and accounting practices. This trend will continue with the development of specific process and procedural based training to meet gaps in skill sets identified through the Financial Controls Framework Project. Another key trend is the increasing development and use of e-learning.

Financial Information Systems Training - Defence provided training to 4,957 participants on the three corporate financial management systems - ROMAN (accounting system), BORIS (high level budgeting tool) and Force Element Product Costing (costing tool). The ROMAN system accounted for the largest training component, with 4,355 participants.

ROMAN training is being updated to ensure that courses are up-to-date, meet the actual business needs of users and make greater use of flexible learning delivery. These reforms should result in faster turn around times for staff to become job ready.

Financial Management Training - A significant development within the reporting period has been the development of financial management training support for the Senior Leadership Group (SLG) and senior officers at the Executive Level 2/Colonel (equivalent) level. The first of the SLG courses with 14 participants was held in June, with senior officer level courses planned for introduction in the second half of 2005. These courses will continue throughout the remainder of 2005 and 2006.

Finance and Business Training - A variety of other finance- and business-related training courses were delivered to 1,136 participants during the reporting period. This training included four ten-day accrual accounting courses, as well as basic training in budget development and resource management.

This training is under review, with existing courses being modified and new courses being developed to ensure we are better placed to meet Defence's financial business needs. An added benefit of this work is its alignment with the financial controls framework and articulation of career and development pathways to allow Defence staff to better prepare themselves to meet Defence's requirements in the future.

Tertiary Financial Training - During 2004-05, Defence staff were able to access two tertiary training courses; 42 participants studied the Diploma in Government (Financial Management), and 59 participants studied the Graduate Certificate in Professional Management (Finance). The graduate certificate provides Defence staff with an entry way into postgraduate financial management studies.

e-Learning - Four finance-related e-Learning courses, Manage Official Bank Accounts; Travel Budget Calculators; Card Management System; and Defence Purchasing Card, were introduced during 2004-05 and were completed by 816 participants. A further 345 students completed the ROMAN Procurement Awareness course via e-Learning.

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