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Non-Operational Training

Financial Management and Resource Management Systems Training

Financial management and systems training included in Table 3.25 includes a range of training and education in financial management, and in the use of Defence financial, human resources and inventory management information systems. The following table provides a more detailed breakdown of this training.

Table 3.25 Financial and Resource Management Systems Training
Training Courses Number of Students
Financial Management Training
Senior Leadership Group Financial Management Courses 14
Total 14
Financial Information Systems Training
Resource and Output Management and Accounting Network (ROMAN) 4,355
Budget and Output Reporting Information System (BORIS) 482
Force Element Product Costing (FEPC) 120
Total 4,957
Financial and Business Training
Accrual Accounting (current enrolments in external courses) 80
Understanding Accounting Processes 464
Introduction to Resources Management 376
Cost Centre Management 216
Total 1,136
Tertiary Financial Training
Diploma in Government 42
Graduate Certificate in Professional Management (Finance) 59
Total current enrolments in external courses 101
Defence Purchasing Card 375
Manage Official Bank Accounts 64
Travel Budget Calculators 172
Card Management System 205
ROMAN Procurement Awareness 345
Total 1,161
Subtotal Financial Management and Business Training 7,369
Personnel Systems Training
Personnel Management Key Solutions (PMKeyS) 5,056
Total 5,056
Supply Systems Training
Standard Defence Supply System (SDSS) 2,629
Total 2,629
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