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Performance Against People Matter Priorities for 2004-05

Table 3.21
Performance against People Matter Priorities
Priority Performance
Support ADF members and their families:
  • Deliver employment assistance for partners of ADF members
The 'Services Workforce Access Program for Partners' was introduced in 2003 and offers spouses and partners of ADF members practical and financial assistance with employment placement. During 2004-05, the program was evaluated and consequently, will continue for another two years. Feedback about the 'Services Workforce Access Program for Partners' has been positive, with 581 ADF members' partners using the program during the reporting period. The program will be further enhanced during 2005-06 to include financial assistance with professionally prepared resumes.
  • Enhance the childcare program
The Defence childcare program has been enhanced through a new contract with ABC Corporate Care Pty Ltd. Under the contract, which commenced on 1 July 2005, ABC will:
  • manage the existing 19 Defence childcare centres;
  • expand the program by developing Defence/ABC Corporate childcare centres in areas of need, with the potential to double the size of the program in the first 12 months;
  • provide a national '1800 number' call centre service to allow mobile Defence families to seek childcare prior to relocation; and
  • provide employment and training opportunities for Defence spouses.
During 2004-05, Defence childcare centres at Puckapunyal and Williamtown were completed. A new childcare centre at East Sale is nearing completion and is in the process of being licensed. Puckapunyal and Williamtown childcare centres are now operating. These centres provide an additional 130 childcare places (90 long-day places and 40 out-of-school hours places). Planning for the construction of the Holsworthy childcare centre is under way.
  • Deliver educational transition assistance and support to children of ADF members
Milestones achieved include:
  • expanding the Defence School Transition Aide Program into 127 primary schools nationally. A new program will be introduced into 32 secondary schools in late 2005. This program aims to ease the social and emotional impact of moving.
  • progressing the development of a student digital portfolio to assist ADF families with keeping educational information about their children. This new initiative was partially funded by the Department of Education Science and Training, in recognition of the difficulties associated with a mobile lifestyle. The student digital portfolio will be made available during 2005-06 and distributed to ADF families.
  • Finalise the development of a new system for classifying the housing entitlements of ADF members with dependants
Work has progressed towards resolving a range of complex business issues, which relate to the practical application of the new system for classifying the housing entitlements of ADF members with dependants.
  • Upgrade current, and invest in new, accommodation for members without dependants
The Single Living Environment and Accommodation Precinct project is committed to bringing Defence's accommodation for single ADF members in line with community standards. The project is exploring options for the development of permanent on-base and off-base accommodation for single ADF members at specific sites across Queensland, Northern Territory, Riverina/Regional Victoria and Holsworthy. These regions represent the highest priority for Defence singles living accommodation.
As part of Phase One of the project, funding has been allocated toward the development of 20 permanent single living-in accommodation units on base at Robertson Barracks in Darwin, Northern Territory and 40 units in Canungra, Queensland. The new facilities are due for completion at the end of 2006.


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