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Performance Against People Matter Priorities for 2004-05

Table 3.21
Performance against People Matter Priorities
Priority Performance
Continue to develop personnel policies:
  • Review ADF leave policy, with a view to streamlining leave procedures
Outcomes of a four-phase review of ADF leave policy were considered by the Defence People Committee in May 2005 and some refinements to ADF leave policy were agreed. Longer-term options for substantial simplification of ADF leave provisions are undergoing further policy development.
  • Assess the relevance and appropriateness of the current remote locality conditions of service package
A revised conditions of service package for ADF members serving in remote localities was endorsed by the Defence People Committee in July 2005 and was subsequently implemented in September 2005.
  • Implement national arrangements for the Employee Assistance Program for APS staff
A national Defence Employee Assistance Program, provided by International Psychological Services (IPS Worldwide), commenced operation in November 2004. The program provides confidential and professional counselling services for APS employees and their immediate families to help them resolve work-related problems, or personal problems that may impact on the employee's working life.
  • Implement the outcomes of the Defence Review of Merit in Employment Decisions 2003 to improve the application and perception of the merit principle for APS recruitment
Defence continues to progressively implement the outcomes of the Defence Review of Merit in Employment Decisions 2003, including policy and procedural changes resulting from the review. In October 2004, a Merit Selection and Recruitment Proficiency eLearning module was made available to Defence employees. From 1 July 2005, all recruitment delegates and panel members are required to hold this proficiency. It is anticipated that all outcomes from the review will be implemented during 2005-06.
  • Improve leave and absence management, in order to reduce unscheduled absences for APS staff and to foster an environment that encourages the taking of annual leave
The Defence Civilian Injury Prevention and Management Framework, an initiative under the Defence Occupational Health and Safety Strategic Plan 2004-2006, has facilitated the development and implementation of a new absence management policy and associated procedures. This has included the development of an absence management kit for supervisors and managers. The framework aims to increase senior manager accountability for preventing workplace injuries and managing absence, irrespective of its cause, through enhanced senior management information and reporting and notional attribution of compensation claims costs to individual Defence Groups. Greater management accountability has also been afforded through devolution of the approval of personal leave to line managers, supported by PMKeyS Self-Service work flow, and the inclusion of leave plans for annual leave in performance agreements.


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