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Workforce Overview

Staffing by Average Strength

Costs of the Reserve

The Joint Standing Committee for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade, in its review of the Defence Annual Report 2001-02, recommended that greater visibility be provided of the personnel costs of the Reserves. Salary and allowance costs for the Reserve are shown in Table 3.7. Table 3.8 provides details of the costs in supplier expenses relating to the Reserves Enhancement Initiatives.

Table 3.8 Reserves Enhancement Initiatives
  2004-05 Budget
2004-05 Revised
2004-05 Actual
  $m $m $m $m %
Reserve Enhancement 20.0 16.6 13.1 -3.5 -21.1

The Reserves Enhancement Initiative provided funds to make employer support payments, which help compensate employers who release employees for Reserve service. The variation was due primarily to lower than anticipated take up of employer support payments.

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