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Lavarack Barracks Townsville

The Capital Facilities Program funds the construction of buildings and infrastructure including specialised ranges, training and accommodation facilities, maintenance hangars, messes and warehouse facilities. The program develops facilities and infrastructure to support the introduction of new military equipment into operational service, as well as maintaining facilities to support Defence personnel where they work, live and train.

Interior of the new Dental Centre.
Interior of the new Dental Centre.

Lavarack Barracks is one of the ADF's largest bases and home of the 3rd Brigade, the Army's light infantry brigade, which forms the core of the Army's Ready Deployment Force. The base currently supports a population of 3,817 military and 626 civilian personnel. Assets at Lavarack Barracks including land, buildings, and infrastructure, are currently valued at $478m.

The proposal to redevelop Lavarack Barracks was first referred to the Joint Statutory Committee on Public Works in July 1998. The first two stages of the redevelopment rationalised combat logistic facilities, provided living-in accommodation (including more than 1,000 single-occupancy accommodation units), centralised catering into three new combined messes, and upgraded communications and road infrastructure across the barracks.

Lavarack Barracks' infrastructure assets have been redeveloped over several stages to support the Army's capability for light infantry operations (Output 3.3). The redevelopment provides essential infrastructure and facilities to support the future training, administration and operational requirements of the base.

The exterior of the new Information System Centre.
The exterior of the new Information System Centre.

The redevelopment of Lavarack Barracks during 2004-05 successfully enhanced Defence's ability to provide and support a professional, well-trained and well-equipped force.

Exterior of the new Dental Centre.
Exterior of the new Dental Centre.

During 2004-05, substantial elements of the stage 3 redevelopment were completed, including new working facilities for the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, and new facilities for Headquarters, 3rd Brigade. Facilities to support soldier leadership training and an information systems centre were also completed. A new dental centre to support fitness requirements for operational deployment was substantially completed. Several minor elements of the stage 3 redevelopment works remain in progress and will be completed during 2006.

In September 2004, the Minister for Defence announced the fast tracking of a further $175m for the stage 4 redevelopment of Lavarack Barracks. Construction is planned to start in 2007 and to be completed in 2010. The project scope will be refined to consider upgraded working accommodation for armoured mobility, combat engineering, artillery, and other elements that support 3rd Brigade operations.

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