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Corporate Governance

Defence Governance Framework

Senior Committees

Defence People Committee

The purpose of the Defence People Committee is to provide a strategic focus on, and to be an advocate for, the importance of people in supporting Defence capability. This committee supports the Defence Committee by ensuring that Defence takes a strategic approach to people. It is responsible for providing advice, and making recommendations, on strategic people issues to the Defence Committee and Defence Capability and Investment Committee. The committee is also responsible for overseeing the Defence Workforce and People Plans and recommending to the Minister Assisting the Minister for Defence the allocation of the $100m annual provision, until 2005-06, for high priority people initiatives that assist to attract, recruit and retain people in Defence.

In 2004-05, members were the Head Defence Personnel Executive (chair), Vice Chief of the Defence Force/Chief of Joint Operations, Deputy Secretary Corporate Services, Deputy Chief of Navy, Deputy Chief of Army, Deputy Chief of Air Force, First Assistant Secretary Budget and Financial Planning, First Assistant Secretary Personnel and Ms Noela L' Estrange, an independent, external member of the committee.

The committee held eight scheduled business meetings in 2004-05 and one extraordinary meeting.

Table 1.22 Defence People Committee Attendance
Position and Name Meetings Held Meetings Attended
Head Defence Personnel Executive
(Rear Admiral Brian Adams until 22 April 2005) 5 5
(Mr Peter Sharp - acting from 23 April 2005) 4 4
Vice Chief of the Defence Force/Chief of Joint Operations
(Vice Admiral Russ Shalders)
9 8
Deputy Secretary Corporate Services (Mr Alan Henderson) 9 6/3*
Deputy Chief of Navy (Rear Admiral Max Hancock) 9 6/3*
Deputy Chief of Army (Major General Ian Gordon) 9 5/4*
Deputy Chief of Air Force (Air Vice-Marshal Roxley McLennan) 9 8/1*
First Assistant Secretary Budget and Financial Planning
(Mr George Veitch)
9 6/3*
First Assistant Secretary Personnel
(Mr Peter Sharp - acting Head Defence Personnel Executive from 23 April 2005) 5 5
(Air Commodore Lee Roberts - acting from 23 April to 26 June 2004) 3 2
Ms Noela L'Estrange (independent member) 9 7

* Substitute attended in place of member.

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