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Corporate Governance

Defence Governance Framework

Senior Committees

Defence Capability and Investment Committee

The Defence Capability and Investment Committee's role is to strengthen independent review of major capability and investment issues by seeking to ensure that resourcing, including capital investment and operating costs, is consistent with Defence's strategic priorities and resourcing strategy. The committee focuses on:

  • the overall shape of capability/balance of resource allocation/ten-year Defence Plan;
  • force structure, including Service plans;
  • the balance between the different organisational performance agreements;
  • force disposition;
  • the broad new major investment program;
  • operating/capital mix; and
  • other issues with a significant impact on capability.

In 2004-05, members were the Secretary (chair), Chief of the Defence Force, Chief Executive Officer of the Defence Materiel Organisation, Chief of Navy, Chief of Army, Chief of Air Force and Chief Capability Development Group.

Vice Chief of the Defence Force/Chief of Joint Operations, Chief Defence Scientist, Chief Finance Officer and Deputy Secretary Strategy attended as advisers.

The committee held seven scheduled business meetings in 2004-05 and one extraordinary meeting.

Table 1.19 Defence Capability and Investment Committee Attendance
Position and Name Meetings Held Meetings Attended
Secretary (Mr Richard Smith) 8 7/1*
Chief of the Defence Force (General Peter Cosgrove) 8 6/1*
Chief Executive Officer of the Defence Materiel Organisation
(Dr Stephen Gumley)
8 5/3*
Chief of Navy (Vice Admiral Chris Ritchie) 8 8
Chief of Army (Lieutenant General Peter Leahy) 8 7/1*
Chief of Air Force (Air Marshal Angus Houston) 8 6/2*
Chief Capability Development Group
(Lieutenant General David Hurley)
8 7/1*
Vice Chief of the Defence Force/Chief of Joint Operations
(Vice Admiral Russ Shalders)
8 6/2*
Chief Defence Scientist
(Dr Roger Lough)
8 7/1*
Chief Finance Officer
(Mr Lloyd Bennett until 28 March 2005) 6 4/2*
(Mr Ken Moore - acting from 29 March 2005) 2 2
Deputy Secretary Strategy (Mr Shane Carmody) 8 6/2*

* Substitute attended in place of member/adviser.

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