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Corporate Governance

Defence Governance Framework

Senior Committees

Defence Committee

The Defence Committee is the pre-eminent committee in Defence. Its role is to make decisions that assist in achieving the results specified in the Ministerial Directive to the Secretary and the Chief of the Defence Force. These include successful conduct of joint military operations, with the Chief of the Defence Force retaining sole command authority; provision of capability to enable our armed forces to defend Australia and its national interests; timely and responsive advice to the Minister and the Government; proper stewardship of people and of financial and other resources, including operating within budgeted financial performance; and appropriate evaluation and reporting, including an annual Defence Management and Finance Plan, the Defence Capability Plan, and periodic strategic reviews and Defence White Paper reports. The Defence Committee gives direction and assesses performance in delivering those results, with a focus on the longer term.

In 2004-05, members were the Secretary (chair), Chief of the Defence Force, Chief Executive Officer of the Defence Materiel Organisation, Vice Chief of the Defence Force/Chief of Joint Operations, Chief of Navy, Chief of Army, Chief of Air Force, Chief Capability Development Group, Chief Defence Scientist, Chief Finance Officer, Deputy Secretary Corporate Services, Deputy Secretary Intelligence and Security, Deputy Secretary Strategy, Chief Information Officer, and Head Defence Personnel Executive.

The committee held 11 scheduled business meetings in 2004-05 and two planning days.

Table 1.17 Defence Committee Attendance
Position and Name Meetings Held Meetings Attended
Secretary (Mr Richard Smith) 11 10/1*
Chief of the Defence Force (General Peter Cosgrove) 11 9/2*
Chief Executive Officer of the Defence Materiel Organisation
(Dr Stephen Gumley)
11 11
Vice Chief of the Defence Force/Chief of Joint Operations
(Vice Admiral Russ Shalders)
11 10/1*
Chief of Navy (Vice Admiral Chris Ritchie) 11 8/3*
Chief of Army (Lieutenant General Peter Leahy) 11 7/4*
Chief of Air Force (Air Marshal Angus Houston) 11 8/3*
Chief Capability Development Group
(Lieutenant General David Hurley)
11 11
Chief Defence Scientist (Dr Roger Lough) 11 9/2*
Chief Finance Officer
(Mr Lloyd Bennett until 28 March 2005) 9 8/1*
(Mr Ken Moore - acting from 29 March 2005) 2 2
Deputy Secretary Corporate Services (Mr Alan Henderson) 11 11
Deputy Secretary Intelligence and Security (Mr Ron Bonighton) 11 8/3*
Deputy Secretary Strategy (Mr Shane Carmody) 11 10/1*
Chief Information Officer
(Air Vice-Marshal Julie Hammer - acting until 3 December 2004) 6 5/1*
(Air Vice-Marshal John Monaghan from 3 December 2004) 5 5
Head Defence Personnel Executive
(Rear Admiral Brian Adams until 22 April 2005) 9 7/2*
(Mr Peter Sharp - acting from 23 April 2005) 2 2

* Substitute attended in place of member.

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