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Advertising and Market Research

Table 7.24 Particulars of Payments by Group for Advertising and Market Research .../continued
Air Force
Bytes 'n Colours 1,985 Balloon display board / banners
Media Advertising
Canberra Times 1,993 Recruitment advertising - civilian
HMA Blaze 35,854 Recruitment advertising - civilian
Spherion Recruitment Solutions 1,611 Recruitment advertising - civilian
Sydney Morning Herald 8,567 Recruitment advertising - civilian
Copeland 1,742 Museum advertisements
Destination Melbourne Inc 4,343 Museum advertisements
Double T Radio 5,400 Museum advertisements
Magic 693 2,850 Museum advertisements
Telling Words 1,650 Museum advertisements
The Geelong Independent 1,750 Museum advertisements
Fairfax Community Newspapers 10,440 Museum and Twilight Spectacular advertisements
3AW Southern Cross Radio 18,900 Museum and Twilight Spectacular advertisements
Rehame 1,820 Air Pageant advertisements
Total Air Force 98,905  
Media Advertising
Canberra Times 5,571 Recruitment advertising - civilian
The Australian 20,424 Recruitment advertising - civilian
Sub-total Strategy 25,995  
Public Affairs and Corporate Communication(1)
Market Research
Mediascape Analytical & Research 47,166 Media tracking and analytical services
Worthington Di Marzio 38,450 Market research - community attitudes
Media Advertising
HMA Blaze 48,481 Media advertising - non-campaign media advertising of regional public affairs activities.
Sub-total - Public Affairs and Corporate Communication 134,097  
Total Strategy 160,092  
Intelligence and Security
Media Advertising
HMA Blaze 392,109 Recruitment advertising - civilian
Canberra Times 7,018 Recruitment advertising - civilian
HMA Blaze 73,870 Recruitment advertising - civilian
HMA Blaze 6,617 Tender notices
Total Intelligence and Security 479,614  
Vice Chief of the Defence Force
Dan Tomkins Design 3,062 Reserve initiatives advertising
Media Advertising
The Australian 6,426 Recruitment advertising - civilian
The Canberra Times 4,906 Recruitment advertising - civilian
Australian Human Resources Institute 19,680 Reserve initiatives advertising
C&G Advertising Services 1,895 Reserve initiatives advertising
Community Link Media 2,500 Reserve initiatives advertising
Crowther-Blayne & Associates 2,990 Reserve initiatives advertising
Deadline Services 23,289 Reserve initiatives advertising
Flash Photobition 10,400 Reserve initiatives advertising
Flight Publishing 9,615 Reserve initiatives advertising
Graedi Group 2,950 Reserve initiatives advertising
HMA Blaze 2,530 Reserve initiatives advertising
Key Media 12,640 Reserve initiatives advertising
Northern Defence Magazine 7,500 Reserve initiatives advertising
Percival Publishing 18,060 Reserve initiatives advertising
The Voice 1,650 Reserve initiatives advertising
Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce 3,537 Reserve initiatives advertising
Z Media 2,200 Reserve initiatives advertising
Total Vice Chief of the Defence Force 135,830  


  1. Became part of Ministerial Services and Public Affairs Division on 16 February 2004 and was renamed Public Affairs Branch.


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