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Table 7.21 provides detail on all consultancy services utilised by Defence Groups during 2003-04.

Key to Particulars of Consultancy Contracts
Justification Methods of selection
1. Specialised skills or service required not available within Defence 1. Consultancy was publicly advertised
2. Specialised skills or service required not available within
time frame
2. Standing Offer
3. Technology not available within Defence 3. Sole Source
  4. Restricted Tender

Table 7.21 Particulars of Consultancy Contracts in 2003-04
Consultant Name Purpose Total
Justification Method of Selection
Headquarters Australian Theatre
ESRI Australia Provision of advice and recommendations for the upgrade of software system. 3,553 1 3
URS Australia Advice and recommendations regarding the environmental impact of conducting Exercise Crocodile 03. 1,607 1 3
Total Headquarters Australian Theatre 5,160  
Agileware Advice and assistance for development of Navy Hazard Log Interim Solution. 25,425 1 3
Alexander Lambevski Suicide and self-harm research proposal. 2,045 1 3
Changedrivers Pty Ltd Advice and recommendations on change management for Navy Capability Costing System. 28,608 1 3
Gashler & Associates Advice and recommendations to the Surface Combat Force Element Group Manning Project - Alternative crew structures of Surface Combatant Ships. 144,263 2 3
IISM Group Advice and recommendations on Navy 'Serving Australia's Navy' booklet. 6,827 1 2
Jacobs Sverdrup Australia Pty Ltd Advice and recommendations on current capability management tools. 35,000 2 3
Relegen Pty Ltd Advice and recommendations on a revised watch keeping regime in guided missile frigates (FFG). 134,809 2 3
Reputation Measurement Develop a performance research system for Royal Australian Navy reputation. 2,350 1 2
Target Towing Services Advice and recommendations on tender evaluation. 14,009 1 3
University of Wollongong Finance Services Advice and recommendations on the fitness program requirement for the Navy clearance diver career model. 56,193 1 3
Vertical Innovations International Advice and recommendation on the development of the Royal Australian Navy high ropes training regulatory system. 16,165 1 3
Zeal Consulting Pty Ltd Conduct a series of site surveys, a safety system evaluation and develop a design blue print for safety culture in the Royal Australian Navy. 319,725 1 3
Total Navy 785,419  
Broadleaf Capital International Compilation of Army Strategic Risk Management Plan. 43,055 1 3
Merced Pathology Medical Group Expert medical witness. 6,130 1 3
Ernst & Young Military police review - special investigation. 99,074 1 3
Training Systems Services Training and education systems review. 8,718 2 3
HLA Envirosciences Pty Ltd Assessment for environmental impacts on proposed Drop Zone for High Range Training Area. 29,356 1 3
Total Army 186,333  
Air Force
Alexander Tomlinson Advice on the 10-year Australian Defence Force Aeronautical Information Service Strategic Plan. 105,499 1 3
Boeing Australia Ltd Advice on civilian initiatives to support the Aviation Industry Project. 71,756 1 3
Ocean Internet Advice to Defence International Training Centre on enhancements to database. 3,305 1 4
Schneider Australia Consulting Advice on the human resource strategy for Defence International Training Centre. 19,898 1 3
Total Air Force 200,458  
Strategic Policy
Centre for International Strategic Analysis Strategic risk assessment on maritime piracy and terrorism. 75,000 1 3
Paul Dibb & Associates Pty Ltd Advice on strategic policy and planning issues. 22,587 1 3
R.W. Lowry Pty Ltd Advice to the Fiji Defence Force. 122,727 1 3
Total Strategy 220,314  


  1. The Chief Finance Officer Group includes data relating to the Secretary and the Chief of the Defence Force.
  2. These items are also reported in Table 7.24 under Advertising and Market Research.
  3. Corporate Services and Infrastructure Group includes data relating to the Inspector-General's Division and Defence Improvement Division


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