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Capital Facilities Projects (-$35.1m)

Western Australia

Garden Island - HMAS Stirling - Base Development Stage 2D

Partially Achieved

The project has provided new and upgraded facilities for helicopter support, fuel storage, training accommodation, torpedo maintenance and electrical power house supply. Works are complete with the exception of a static frequency converter, which provides direct current power to ships. Technical difficulties have prolonged delivery and an assessment is currently being undertaken to determine how these can be overcome. Provided that an appropriate strategy can be initiated, the works will be completed in late 2006.

This project contributes to Navy capability.

Northern Territory

Timber Creek - Bradshaw Field Training Area Infrastructure

Partially Achieved

This project provides engineering services and infrastructure to allow the use of Bradshaw as a field training area for 1st Brigade. Following the completion of the negotiation of the Indigenous Land Use Agreement, the initial civil works contract was let in June 2004. The construction is expected to be completed by October 2005.

This project contributes to Army capability.

Katherine - RAAF Tindal - Security Fence

Partially Achieved

This project will provide a perimeter security fence for the base designed to detect and delay intruder access. Approval from the Joint Standing Committee on Public Works has been granted and the project was approved by Parliament on 8 September 2003. The civil construction component will be completed by December 2004. Completion of the technology component has been delayed by six months and is scheduled for completion by mid-2005.

This project contributes to Air Force capability.

Darwin - 1st Aviation Regiment Relocation


This project provides new facilities for 1st Aviation Regiment at Robertson Barracks in Darwin and includes purpose-built working, training and domestic accommodation facilities. Approval was granted by Parliament on 21 August 2003. Construction has commenced and will be completed by the end of 2005.

This project contributes to Army capability.

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Darwin - RAAF Darwin - Base Redevelopment

Substantially Achieved

This project provides enhanced support facilities at RAAF Darwin, including an air movements facility, Air Force police and ground defence facilities. The majority of the facilities have been completed and are in use. The base medical facilities were substantially complete in June 2004 and the upgrade of the firefighting water supply is scheduled for completion by early 2005.

This project contributes to Air Force capability.

Darwin - RAAF Darwin - Development of Operational Facilities


This project provides enhanced operational works at RAAF Darwin, including aircraft loading aprons, a fuel farm, a workshop and a base command post. All of the facilities have now been completed and are in use.

This project contributes to Air Force capability.

Australian Capital Territory

Canberra - HMAS Harman - Defence Network Operations Centre


This project has provided basic facilities at HMAS Harman to allow later installation of a range of communications facilities to support the increased population at the base. The building was substantially completed in July 2003. Associated roadworks were postponed until construction of the multi-user depot was completed. The roadworks are planned to commence in October 2004 and will be completed in December 2004.

This project contributes to Command of Operations.

Canberra - HMAS Harman - Canberra Multi-User Depot


This project provided a multi-user depot at HMAS Harman that enabled Navy, Army and Air Force operational units, Reserves and Cadets units to be collocated. The requirement resulted from the sale of RAAF Fairbairn, the proposed sale of the Army depot in Canberra and cost savings arising from the collocation of these units into one facility. The project was completed in July 2004.

This project contributes to joint capability.

Canberra - Russell Offices - Intelligence Facilities


This project has provided increased working accommodation for Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation staff through the refurbishment of Russell Building R4. Construction commenced in January 2004 and was completed in September 2004.

This project contributes to Intelligence capability.


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