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Capital Facilities Projects (-$35.1m)


Fishermans Bend - Relocation of Defence Science and Technology Organisation's Platforms Sciences Laboratory

Partially Achieved

This project will relocate Defence Science and Technology Organisation functions from Maribyrnong to Fishermans Bend and includes the integration of common functions and the construction of enhanced research and laboratory facilities. Construction commenced in mid-2002. The Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Centre was completed in July 2004, along with the bulk of the Maritime Platforms Division laboratory, excluding fit-out.

This project contributes to Navy, Army and Air Force capabilities.


Canungra - Defence Intelligence Training Centre


This project collocated the dispersed and inadequately accommodated headquarters, administrative and instructional elements into a modern, purpose-built and secure facility. The project also included field training facilities.

This project was completed in December 2003 and contributes to Navy, Army, Air Force and Intelligence capabilities.

Oakey - Oakey Base Redevelopment


This project has redeveloped the Oakey base for optimal support of Army rotary-wing flying training, including the armed reconnaissance helicopter. Construction is largely complete, with the exception of the armed reconnaissance helicopter simulator facility, which is due for completion in February 2005.

This project contributes to Army capability.

Townsville - Lavarack Barracks - Redevelopment Stage 2


This project was completed in July 2004. The redevelopment provided new industrial facilities, 1,004 units for single soldier accommodation and three combined messes. These facilities and infrastructure will ensure the long-term viability of Lavarack Barracks as the major base of the ADF Rapid Deployment Force.

This project contributes to Army capability.

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Townsville - Lavarack Barracks - Redevelopment Stage 3


This project provides new working facilities for Army units at Lavarack Barracks to replace existing facilities. Construction commenced on new facilities for 2nd Battalion Royal Australian Regiment in August 2002 and was completed in September 2003. Similar construction on new facilities for 1st Battalion commenced in January 2003 and was substantially completed in June 2004. The remaining elements of the project are expected to be complete by late 2005.

This project contributes to Army capability.

Townsville - RAAF Townsville - Redevelopment Stage 2


This project provides a range of new domestic facilities and working accommodation to replace existing facilities. Major elements completed in 2003-04 include transit accommodation, main base entrance, physical fitness facilities, combined mess, central emergency power station, and air movements facilities. The remaining minor elements were completed in August 2004.

This project contributes to Air Force capability.

South Australia

Edinburgh - RAAF Edinburgh - Redevelopment Stage 1

Substantially Achieved

This project provides enhanced administrative, workshop and warehousing facilities, an upgrade of engineering services and an aircraft shelter. Provision of the Joint Logistics Unit (South) warehouse is included in the scope of works. Construction is now substantially complete, with the main works completed by mid-2003 and the warehouse completed in November 2003. The remaining minor works are due for completion in October 2004.

This project contributes to Command of Operations.

Edinburgh - DSTO Edinburgh - Extension to Joint Electronic Warfare Building


This project will provide facilities to support the collocation of electronic warfare activities, and additional space for the software support facilities for a number of different ADF platforms that are, or will shortly be, fitted with electronic warfare equipment. It is expected that construction will commence in January 2005, with a target completion date of January 2006.

This project contributes to joint capability.


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