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ADF Units and Establishments

Royal Australian Navy
Navy Headquarters - Canberra, ACT
Maritime Command - Sydney, NSW
Navy Systems Command - Canberra, ACT
Surface Combatants
Type of vessel Name Base
6 Guided missile frigates (FFG) HMAS Adelaide Garden Island, WA
HMAS Canberra Garden Island, WA
HMAS Darwin Garden Island, WA
HMAS Melbourne Sydney, NSW
HMAS Newcastle Sydney, NSW
HMAS Sydney Sydney, NSW
4 Anzac-class frigates (FFH) HMAS Anzac Garden Island, WA
HMAS Arunta Garden Island, WA
HMAS Stuart Sydney, NSW
HMAS Warramunga Garden Island, WA
Mine Countermeasures
Type of vessel Name Base
6 Minehunter coastal (MHC) HMAS Diamantina Sydney, NSW
HMAS Gascoyne Sydney, NSW
HMAS Hawkesbury Sydney, NSW
HMAS Huon Sydney, NSW
HMAS Norman Sydney, NSW
HMAS Yarra Sydney, NSW
2 Clearance diving teams AUST CDT 1 Sydney, NSW
AUST CDT 4 Garden Island, WA
2 Minesweepers auxiliary large (MSA(L)) MSA Bandicoot Sydney, NSW
MSA Wallaroo Sydney, NSW
Amphibious and Afloat Support
Type of vessel Name Base
1 Fleet oiler (AOR) HMAS Success Sydney, NSW
1 Auxiliary tanker (AO) HMAS Westralia Garden Island, WA
1 Amphibious heavy lift ship (LSH) HMAS Tobruk Sydney, NSW
2 Amphibious transport (LPA) HMAS Kanimbla Sydney, NSW
HMAS Manoora Sydney, NSW
6 Heavy landing craft (LCH) HMAS Balikpapan Darwin, NT
HMAS Betano Darwin, NT
HMAS Brunei Cairns, Qld
HMAS Labuan Cairns, Qld
HMAS Tarakan Cairns, Qld
HMAS Wewak Cairns, Qld
Patrol Boat
Type of vessel Name Base
15 Fremantle-class patrol boats (FCPB) HMAS Bendigo Cairns, Qld
HMAS Bunbury Darwin, NT
HMAS Cessnock Darwin, NT
HMAS Dubbo Darwin, NT
HMAS Fremantle Darwin, NT
HMAS Gawler Darwin, NT
HMAS Geelong Darwin, NT
HMAS Geraldton Darwin, NT
HMAS Gladstone Cairns, Qld
HMAS Ipswich Cairns, Qld
HMAS Launceston Darwin, NT
HMAS Townsville Cairns, Qld
HMAS Warrnambool Darwin, NT
HMAS Whyalla Cairns, Qld
HMAS Wollongong Darwin, NT
Type of vessel Name Base
6 Collins-class submarines (SSG) HMAS Collins Garden Island, WA
HMAS Dechaineaux Garden Island, WA
HMAS Farncomb Garden Island, WA
HMAS Sheean Garden Island, WA
HMAS Rankin Garden Island, WA
HMAS Waller Garden Island, WA
Type of vessel Name Base
2 Hydrographic survey ships (HS) HMAS Leeuwin Cairns, Qld
HMAS Melville Cairns, Qld
4 Survey motor launches (SML) HMAS Benalla Cairns, Qld
HMAS Mermaid Cairns, Qld
HMAS Paluma Cairns, Qld
HMAS Shepparton Cairns, Qld
1 Laser airborne depth sounder (LADS) LADS Unit Cairns, Qld
Squadron Aircraft Base
723 SQN helicopter training, electronic warfare and utility squadron 12 AS 350B Squirrel Nowra, NSW
805 SQN operational fleet utility Anzac ship helicopter squadron Yet to be accepted into service Nowra, NSW
816 SQN anti-submarine helicopter squadron 16 S-70B2 Seahawk Nowra, NSW
817 SQN operational fleet utility support helicopter squadron 7 Sea King Mk 50A/B Nowra, NSW
Non-Defence Administered Activity
Type of vessel Name Base
1 Youth sail training ship STS Young Endeavour Sydney, NSW
Commissioned Establishments
Description Name Location
Headquarters/area administration HMAS Kuttabul Sydney, NSW
Naval air station HMAS Albatross Nowra, NSW
Ship and submarine base (Fleet Base West) HMAS Stirling Garden Island, WA
Patrol boat base and marine science HMAS Cairns Cairns, Qld
Patrol boat base and communications station HMAS Coonawarra Darwin, NT
Mine warfare HMAS Waterhen Sydney, NSW
Training establishments HMAS Cerberus Western Port, Vic
HMAS Creswell Jervis Bay, ACT
HMAS Penguin Middle Head, NSW
HMAS Watson Watsons Bay, NSW
Communications station/area administration HMAS Harman Canberra, ACT
Non-Commissioned Establishments
Facility/unit Location
Fleet Base East Garden Island, NSW
Jervis Bay Range Facility Jervis Bay, ACT
East Coast Armaments Complex Point Wilson, Vic
Naval Communications Station Canberra, ACT
Naval communications area master stations Canberra, ACT
Perth, WA
Naval communications area local stations Cairns, Qld
Sydney, NSW
Naval Transmitting Station Sale, Vic
Naval Headquarters Southern Queensland Brisbane, Qld
Naval Headquarters South Australia Adelaide, SA
Naval Headquarters Tasmania Hobart, Tas
Naval fuel installations Chowder Bay, NSW
Darwin, NT
Naval accommodation, Lady Gowrie House Bondi, NSW
West Head Gunnery Range Flinders, Vic