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About the Australian Defence Force Academy

The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) is an education and training establishment which offers young men and women the opportunity to pursue a degree through the University of New South Wales (UNSW) at ADFA, and begin a career in the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Australian Defence Force Academy

More information is available at the ADFA website. Select the image to visit the site.

Australia's Federation Guard

More information is available at the AFG website. Select the image to visit the site.

Capability and Technology Management College

The Capability & Technology Management College (CTMC) delivers the Capability & Technology Management Program (CTMP). CTMP is a very demanding year-long technical staff college program that prepares selected career officers for appointments as Capability Technology Managers (ctm's) and project leaders, within the Defence capability management continuum. The CTMP curriculum consists of a Masters-level academic program plus military modules and other technical staff studies, including a portfolio of relevant short courses and industry visits. CTMP is therefore a professional self-development opportunity conducted at the Masters level. Students are required to undertake research and extensive reading, perform critical and technical analyses, apply military and professional judgement, and then clearly and effectively communicate their arguments, conclusions and recommendations in a timely fashion. Well-developed study habits, time management, literacy and numeracy skills are important CTMP pre-requisites - and these skills will be further enhanced during the CTMP. A 'pre-requisite' level of education in basic mathematics and physics to at least senior high school levels is important.

Overall performance on CTMP is based upon an aggregation of continuous academic, military module and staff-skills assessments and behavioural observations throughout the year. Students who satisfactorily complete all CTMP objectives will be awarded the post-nominal Capability & Technology Management College 'CTMC', should meet the Australian Institute of Project Management's (AIPM) requirements for the Certified Practicing Project Manager award, and will normally also qualify to be awarded a UNSW Master of Management Studies (MMgtStud) degree in Defence Capability Development & Acquisition.

The Australian Technical Staff officer Course (ATSOC) was created in 1992 initially to meet Army's needs for a technical staff course that provides a good balance between military science and technology, industry and project management studies. ATSOC was also an initiative to save costs associated with sending Army officers to attend technical staff college in the UK, and despite the cost of delivering CTMP these significant annual savings are still being realised today. Initially the CTMP was an Army 'unit' under command ADFA for administration. It later came under command of the Army Command & Staff College at Fort Queenscliff with CTMP remaining located at ADFA. When the joint Australian Command & Staff College (ACSC) was established at Weston Creek, Army chose to retain control of the CTMC and it was transferred to under command Army's Land Warfare Development Centre (LWDC). On 21 July 09, CTMC transferred from Army to VCDF Group, with Director CTMC reporting to Commandant ACSC at the Australian Defence College.

CTMP is an investment in Defence's intellectual capital and is designed to be a demanding, extremely busy, but coherent and enormously rewarding staff course that prepares Defence Officers for a broad range of staff and leadership appointments in the Defence capability development, acquisition and sustainment environments, by developing their CTM Body of knowledge (CTM BOK). For those who have been selected to attend the CTMP, congratulations! Be prepared to work and study hard. Be ready to be mentally challenged for the entire year.

Defence Force Chaplains College

DFCC strives to be the Centre of Excellence for the training, education and formation of military Chaplains. Respecting the incredible knowledge, skills and experience that Chaplains bring, DFCC seeks to contextualise their ministry experience into the ADF context.

The Defence Force Chaplains College is located ADFA complex (36 - DFCC- Australian Defence Force Academy). It is the home of ADF Chaplain Training where Chaplains receive Initial, Intermediate and Senior level instruction. Information on the Chaplain Initial, Intermediate, Senior and other courses can be found in the Information/Courses section of this site.

Our Beginning

The Defence Force Chaplains College was opened and commenced training on 3rd November 2003 as a result of an initiative to develop a joint approach to the professional development and formation of Chaplains. The College occupies the facilities previously used by the Army's Chaplaincy Training Team at Latchford Barracks, Bonegilla near Wodonga. However the College itself and its work stems from the combined experience of Military Chaplaincy and Chaplain training in all three Services.

Command Structure

The Defence Force Chaplains College (DFCC) is under command of the Australian Defence College, the manager of Joint Chaplaincy Training in the ADF. The DFCC is an independent learning centre within the Australian Defence College (ADC), and under the administrative command of the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA). The Chief Instructor of the DFCC is accountable to the Commandant ADFA.