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Australian Defence College

Mastery of the profession of arms is a critical warfighting edge for the Australian Defence Force. The Australian Defence College advocates for professional mastery to nurture the desire of our people to achieve professional excellence. This is achieved through residential courses, distributed learning, research, seminars, professional journals and the contribution to the global online Professional Military Education community.

The Australian Defence College has a pivotal role in contributing to building the Australian Defence Force future force. It achieves this by delivering world-class joint professional education and joint individual training that is future focused, preparing military leaders intellectually for future digital age warfare.

The Australian Defence College Strategy 2018 – 2023

The Forge

Link to The Forge Website

The Forge is an open source professional education website managed by the Australian Defence College for all members of the profession of arms.

The Forge aims to build and hone the intellectual edge of our members and therefore enhance our capability.

It is a platform to access and to publish original ideas through commentary, articles and other multimedia.

This online portal can be accessed anywhere, anytime and is designed to complement joint professional military education.

The Forge Promotional Video


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