Permit review and appeal rights

In the event of a permit refusal, applicants will be advised of their rights of review. The process for review of decisions under Part 9 of the Woomera Prohibited Area Rule 2014 is outlined below.

Review of decisions

Internal review

  1. A person whose interests are affected by any of the following decisions may, by writing, apply to the Minister for a review of the decision:
    1. a decision under section 17 to issue, or to refuse to issue, a permit
    2. a decision under subsection 21(2) to vary, or to refuse to vary, a permit
    3. a decision under section 26 to renew, or to refuse to renew, a permit
    4. a decision under section 32 to approve, or refuse to approve, a person as an approved person
    5. a decision under section 34 to suspend or cancel an approval
    6. a decision under subsection 35(6) to revoke a person’s status as an escorted person
    7. a decision under subsection 37(1) to issue, or renew, a permit subject to conditions (other than conditions specified in Division 3 of Part 4)
    8. a decision under subsection 37(3) to impose a condition after a permit is issued or renewed
    9. a decision under section 38 to cancel a permit
    10. a decision under section 41 to cancel a Minister’s permission
    11. a decision under section 46 to refuse to extend the period for paying an amount under an infringement notice
    12. a decision under section 47 to refuse to withdraw an infringement notice
    13. a decision under paragraph 57(3)(a) to reinstate, or to refuse to reinstate, a permit
    14. a decision under paragraph 57(3)(b) to impose conditions on a permit that is reinstated under paragraph 57(3)(a).
  2. On application for review of the decision, the Minister must:
    1. review the decision, and
    2. confirm, vary or revoke the decision.
  3. Within 20 business days after receiving the application, the Minister must give the person written notice of the decision on the review.

Administrative Appeals Tribunal review

  1. Applications may be made to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for review of decisions of the Minister under subsection (2).