Research/Environmental/Other Purposes Permit

You must have a Research or Environmental (DOC) or Other Purpose (DOC) access permit before accessing any part of the Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA) except the:

  • Stuart Highway
  • Lake Cadibarrawirracanna Road (Public Access Route)
  • Olympic Dam Highway (B97)
  • William Creek Road
  • Woomera Village.

Permits are required for access to all other roads and areas. This includes the Anne Beadell Highway, a 4WD track from Coober Pedy to Western Australia.

You can apply for access to tenements or areas located within the WPA once you have a current permit or Deed of Access.

Permits are valid for up to 12 months. Users require a permit for each vehicle in their party.

You may also require separate permission from native title holders, pastoralists, tenement holders or the conservation parks to access their lands.

Submit permit applications to the WPA Coordination Office:

  • Research – at least 30 business days prior to proposed entry
  • Environmental – at least 20 business days prior to proposed entry
  • Other purposes – at least 20 business days prior to proposed entry.
Processing begins upon receipt of a complete and accurate application. If additional information is required from the applicant, the processing time may be extended.

Permits will not be issued for travel in an access zone during an exclusion period.