Conditions of entry - all permits

South Australian Government requirements

You must obtain all relevant approvals or licences under South Australian legislation before applying for a permit to access the Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA).

Defence requirements

Standard conditions of entry require all permit holders to:

  • provide at least 10 business days’ notice in the approved form before entering the WPA under the permit
  • ensure that all persons under the permit are aware of the permit conditions
  • take reasonable steps to ensure that persons under the permit comply with the permit conditions and are not at places within the WPA without the relevant permissions
  • not be in a place that is not covered by the permit
  • not be in a zone during an exclusion period for the zone
  • not carry out activities other than those for which the permit was issued
  • not intentionally remove, touch, interfere or tamper with any Commonwealth equipment, material or installation
  • not enter areas enclosed by the Commonwealth or protected by an Australian Public Service employee or a person acting on behalf of the Commonwealth
  • without written approval:
    • have in possession or operate a remote-piloted aircraft (called unmanned aerial vehicles in legislation)
    • erect a building or structure more than 7.5 m high, or
    • carry a firearm or explosives.

In addition, permit holders must:

  • have access to communications equipment in good working order
  • notify Defence as soon as practical following the construction of an approved building or structure
  • comply with all reasonable directions in relation to the WPA as issued by a member of the Australian Defence Force or an Australian Public Service employee in the department
  • inform Defence if any war materiel is found
  • comply with all applicable laws of the Commonwealth and South Australia relating to safety, security, native title, heritage and culture.


Your permit may carry additional conditions and you should be familiar with all conditions of your permit before entering the WPA. Permit conditions may change from time to time. All Resource Production and Resource Exploration permits carry additional conditions.

For further information on the standard conditions applying to all permits, please refer to Division 3 – Conditions of Permit within the Woomera Prohibited Area Rule 2014.

Failure to comply with the conditions of a permit is an offence and may result in a prosecution or a fine or suspension or cancellation of a permit; see cancelling a permit, infringement notices and demerit points.

Additionally, the Minister for Defence may cancel a permit if necessary for the purpose of the defence of Australia.

If you do not have a permit or alternative Defence-issued permission to be in the WPA, you are in breach of the Defence Act 1903 and may be prosecuted.