2018 Review of the WPA Coexistence Framework published

MoU regarding Woomera Prohibited Area Co-existence Arrangements

Legislation establishes a coexistence scheme for the Woomera Prohibited Area (WPA) that provides non-Defence users with greater certainty over Defence activity in the WPA and access arrangements.

The key features of the legislation are:

Government reviews are conducted periodically to measure the effectiveness of the WPA coexistence framework.

The WPA Advisory Board monitors and reports on the balance of national security and economic interests in the WPA; oversees the implementation of the coexistence policy arrangements; and fosters strategic relationships between Defence and non-Defence users of the WPA.

On 11 October 2019, Defence further demonstrated its commitment to coexistence arrangements by jointly signing the MoU regarding Woomera Prohibited Area Co-existence Arrangements with SA Government

If you have any queries or suggestions on how we can better explain the range management framework, contact the WPA Coordination Office.