Frequently-asked questions about resource exploration in the Woomera Prohibited Area

How do I obtain a Resource Exploration Permit?

You are required to submit an Application for a Resource Exploration Permit.

How do I submit my application for a Resource Exploration Permit?

You can submit your application by email or post to the Woomera Prohibited Area Coordination Office.

How will the WPA Coordination Office issue my Resource Exploration Permit?

The WPA Coordination Office will send you a permit by email or post. Ensure you advise the WPA Coordination Office of any change in your contact details.

What does a Resource Exploration Permit look like?

View the Resource Exploration Permit template.

How do I check the status of my application?

Contact the WPA Coordination Office.

How long will it take to obtain a permit? 

An application for a Resource Exploration Permit will be decided in 25 business days from receipt of an accurately completed application.

Are permits automatically renewed?

No. You need to apply for renewal of the Resource Exploration Permit at least 60 business days before your current permit expires. But you can apply for renewal up to 12 months before your current permit expires.

My exploration licence has expired. Can I still get a Resource Exploration Permit or can I still enter under my permit?

No. If your exploration licence has expired, you must apply for a new one through the SA Department of State Development and cannot enter the WPA until a renewed licence has been granted.

Once you have a current exploration licence, you can then apply for a Resource Exploration Permit through the WPA Coordination Office.

Do I need to amend my permit if the tenements vary or I acquire an additional tenement licence?

Yes. You need to notify the WPA Coordination Office by submitting a  Notification of a Variation in Permit form  if there are any variations to your tenements recorded in the permit or if there are any variations to the details provided in your original application. Your permit will then be amended accordingly.

Can an existing Resource Exploration Permit be suspended or cancelled?

Yes. Permit holders must comply with the terms and conditions of the permit.

Permits can be suspended if a permit holder incurs more than 10 demerit points in a 12-month period.

Permits may also be cancelled if a permit holder incurs demerit points for failing to comply with a condition, and has incurred at least five demerit points in the previous 12 months and has had their permit suspended twice in the last 10 years.

When cancelled, a new permit cannot be obtained for a further three years. Further information is available in Woomera Prohibited Area Rule 2014.

If a Resource Exploration Permit is lost, can copies be provided?

Yes. Defence can provide a further copy of any existing permit.

How do I apply for access to the WPA under my permit?

You can apply for access to tenements or areas located within the WPA once you have a current permit or Deed of Access.