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Leadership Accountability & Responsibility

The clear definition of work health and safety accountabilities will become fundamental during the transition to harmonised WHS legislation and duty of care arrangements.

The roles and responsibilities of a Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) and Officers under the new harmonised legislation provides greater emphasis on the upstream responsibilities of designers, manufacturers and suppliers.

The terms 'leadership', 'accountability' and 'responsibility' are not reserved for senior leaders. Everyone is responsible for setting an example and ensuring that their work environment is as safe as reasonably practicable. Only through the ownership of safety by everyone can we truly ensure an accident-free work environment.

The implementation of appropriate governance and leadership will allow for a consistent approach to managing health and safety risks and for the further development of the work health and safety management system.

The development of an enhanced and streamlined assurance process will be a priority to ensure appropriate due diligence arrangements and reporting can be provided to Service Chiefs and Group Heads.

An accountabilities framework based on the Defence Business Model and approved by the DWHSC outlines the element lead for each of the safety management system 17 Elements.

The element lead will set policy for the individual element and provide guidance and support for implementation across all areas of Defence.

Accountabilyt Framework - click for larger image

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