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Defence Work Health and Safety Policy

The Defence Work Health and Safety Policy Statement signed by Chief of the Defence Force (CDF) and the Secretary of Defence commits to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees (both military and civilian).

Defence aims to ensure no person will suffer a serious preventable work related injury or illness. The protection of our people is paramount. At times we require our people to operate in environments of extreme risk and hazard due to the nature of military operations. However, at all times we will manage risk to ensure that when risks are taken they are understood, accounted for, and integrated into our plans and the way we operate.

The Defence Work Health and Safety Policy Statement is to be read in conjunction with the Defence Work Health and Strategy 2012 - 2017, the Defence Safety Manual (SafetyMan), relevant Defence Instructions and policies, and relates specifically to Defence civilian consultative arrangements, required to be implemented under the Act.