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Defence Asbestos and Hazardous Chemicals Exposure Scheme

Register an exposure

The Defence Asbestos and Hazardous Chemicals Exposure Scheme (DAHCES) combines what was previously known as the Defence Asbestos Exposure Evaluation Scheme (DAEES) and the Defence Exposure Evaluation Scheme (DEES).

The Defence Asbestos and Hazardous Chemical Exposure Scheme (DAHCES) provides current and former employees of the Department of Defence (including Cadets) the opportunity to register their exposure if they believe they were exposed to a hazardous chemical during a Defence activity or undertaking.

The information you provide will be kept on record by Defence and used to further understand the impact of hazardous chemicals in the Department.

To register your exposure please call 1800 DEFENCE (1800 333 362) and follow the prompts.

Health assessment

The scheme provides eligible persons access to a health assessment if they believe they have been exposed to Asbestos, Beryllium, Cadmium and/or Lead during a Defence activity or undertaking.

The results of the health assessment can be used to assist in supporting a compensation claim with either Comcare or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. DAHCES is not a compensation scheme, it only provides access to testing (to eligible persons), not treatment.

Are you eligible?

Medical testing through the health provider is only offered to APS (current and former), Cadets and former serving ADF. Medical assessments are only provided for exposure/s to the following:

  • Asbestos
  • Beryllium
  • Cadmium, and/or
  • Lead
If candidates have registered exposure to multiple substances testing will only occur for exposures to the four substances listed above.

Current serving ADF members will be provided assessment through their ADF Health Services.


Active reservists who are exposed during current reserve work are provided evaluation through their ADF Health Services.

Active reservists wanting assessment for historical exposure that was not reported and occurred whilst working full time or on reserve work are to have an assessment through the current health provider. If the exposure was reported when it happened please refer them to their ADF Health Services.

Reservists who are SERVOP C (previously known as CFTS) are afforded the same entitlements as a current serving ADF member.

Registration process

When you register an exposure to either asbestos, beryllium, cadmium or lead with the DAHCES you will be sent an information pack. If you are eligible, the pack will provide you with details on how to arrange a health assessment with the Defence health provider.

Once in possession of the DAHCES information pack:

  • Complete the booking form in the information pack and email to health provider (details in pack).
  • The health provider will contact you to arrange an assessment at a suitable time and location.
  • Take copies of your completed questionnaire and registration letter to your appointment along with any previous medical assessments or results in relation to your exposure.
  • Attend the medical appointment at the time and location advised by the health provider.
  • You will be assessed and may be referred for further assessment or advised to have a follow up examination.
  • If you travel more than 50km to your appointment, you are entitled to reimbursement for DAHCES travel (details about how to do this will be included in the initial information pack you receive).
If you would like to register your exposure please contact 1800 DEFENCE (1800 333 362).

Current Defence employees and ADF members

Current Defence employees who believe that they have been exposed to asbestos or hazardous chemicals should submit a Defence WHS Incident Event Report via Sentinel – WHS Event Reporting (Note: Sentinel is not a legacy reporting tool and exposures can only be raised for events post August 2014. If your exposure occurred prior to August 2014 you are not required to raise a WHS Sentinel event, you’ll need to call 1800 Defence to register your exposure). Employees who have an exposure post August 2014 are still welcome to register their exposure via DAHCES.

Current serving ADF members who have potentially been exposed to asbestos or a hazardous chemical are encouraged to contact their local ADF Health Services subsequent to registering with the scheme. Web form AE775 Historical Occupational Exposure Record has been developed by Joint Health Command to facilitate reporting of historical exposures (prior to August 2014). This form is for current ADF members and will allow them to have these historical exposures annotated on their medical records. This form is only to be used for historical exposures that have not been recorded on an AC563 WHS Incident Report. Note: All current exposures (post August 2014) are to be reported in Sentinel.

Reimbursement for DAHCES Travel

Effort will be made to arrange a medical assessment as close as possible to your residence. In the case where you are required to travel more than 50km (by vehicle) to a health assessment centre, the DAHCES will provide travel reimbursement. It is important that any receipts for travel are kept. For further information please read the information sheet below.

Information Sheets

Who can I contact about compensation?


  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs 133 254


  • Comcare 1300 366 979