Security clearances – Vetting timeframes

The timeframe to receive a security clearance will depend on a range of factors, including:

  • the level of clearance
  • the time taken for the applicant to provide a completed vetting pack
  • the extent to which the applicant can demonstrate that they meet the eligibility criteria
  • the availability of the applicant and their referees to attend interviews or provide additional information if required
  • the timeliness of external checks and assessments

Table 1 is a general guide to the timeframe for each clearance level: 

Clearance level AGSVA issues vetting pack Applicant completes vetting pack AGSVA completes vetting assessment
Baseline 5-10 business days 20 business days 20 business days
Negative Vetting 1 5-10 business days 20 business days 70 business days
Negative Vetting 2 5-10 business days 20 business days 100 business days
Positive Vetting 5-10 business days 20 business days 180 business days

Table 1: AGSVA’s median processing time by security clearance level (Key Performance Indicators outlined in Service Level Charter)

The vetting assessment commences when AGSVA receives a fully completed vetting pack, including supporting documentation, from the clearance subject. The AGSVA Service Level Charter specifies that the majority of vetting assessments will be completed within these timeframes. 

For AGSVA’s current performance against vetting assessment timeframes, visit the Governance page.