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2020 Defence Seaworthiness Symposium

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The Office of the Defence Seaworthiness Regulator (ODSwR) hosted the second annual Defence Seaworthiness Symposium on 17 September 2020. This year, we delivered a predominantly virtual event where all members of the maritime community were invited to learn more about the Defence Seaworthiness Management System (DSwMS) and see where it’s already making a difference across Defence. They heard from Defence leaders, seaworthiness practitioners and an industry organisation focused on this year’s theme – ‘DSwMS: Where has it made a difference?’


Presenter Bios


Opening Address and VADN Michael Noonan - Chief of Navy | Defence Seaworthiness Authority

RADM Kath Richards - A Case Study of Governance and Management in COVID – Navy’s experience

CDRE Stephen Hughes - Seaworthiness Enabling Operational Effect

Mr Ian Moon - Seaworthiness Through an Industry Lens

COL Damien McLachlan - Army’s Approach to Updating and Modernising its Compliance Strategy

CDRE Gerry Christian - Infrastructure Underpinning Capability: Seaworthiness Considerations

CAPT Mona Shindy - Navy Assurance Management System

Mr Sagi Pradhan - Impact of Lazy Contracting in a DSw Environment

CAPT Rachel Durbin - Navy’s OSI Journey

Mrs Nickola Lee - 15 minutes with the new Executive Director of ODSwR

RADM Colin Lawrence - QandA with the Regulator and Closing Address

If you have any enquires, please email or phone 02 6266 4444.