Pacific Maritime Security Program

Defence is delivering capability to enhance maritime security through the Pacific Maritime Security Program (PMSP).

PMSP is a comprehensive package of capability, infrastructure, sustainment, training and coordination designed to increase national and regional maritime security for Pacific Island nations and Timor-Lesté.

PMSP builds on the success of the original Pacific Patrol Boat Program and will see an uninterrupted 60 year commitment of deeper-level engagement in the Pacific. PMSP is a commitment of AUD$2.1 billion over 30 years and consists of the following components:

  • new Guardian-class Patrol Boats with safe and secure berthing;
  • lifetime sustainment and training;
  • in-country advisers;
  • region-wide integrated aerial surveillance; and
  • enhancements to regional coordination.

Under PMSP, Australia is delivering 22 Guardian-class Patrol Boats to 12 Pacific Island nations and Timor-Lesté between 2018 and 2024. To date, Australia has delivered 15 vessels to 11 program-participant nations. The Guardian-class Patrol Boats are the sovereign property of individual program-participant nations.

The new Guardian-class Patrol Boats represent a significant shift in capability from the Pacific Patrol Boats, and as such, PMSP is providing additional training to enable nations to make the most out of this capability. The training embraces multiple approaches and agencies working in a complimentary manner to provide the skills, knowledge and attributes to the nations to safely and effectively operate, manage and maintain their property.

PMSP’s Aerial Surveillance Program supports targeted, intelligence-driven maritime patrols and will assist in enhancing national and regional maritime security. It will also support improved interoperability between Pacific Island nations in addressing maritime security challenges.

Defence remains committed to our program-participant nations and the Pacific Maritime Security Program. Australia is part of the Pacific family and the Australian Government remains committed to being a partner of choice for the Pacific.