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ADF Workplace Remuneration Arrangement

Workplace Remuneration Arrangement (WRA)

The WRA is the framework that allows for annual wage adjustments for members of the ADF (excluding statutory office holders), and is a part of the total remuneration package. The Directorate of Military Remuneration is the lead for the development of the ADF remuneration.

Key Details

The Defence Force Remuneration Tribunal (DFRT) has agreed to the 2017-2020 Australian Defence Force (ADF) Workplace Remuneration Arrangement which was presented to the DFRT on 16 August 2017.

Under the WRA, ADF personnel will receive a six per cent increase to salary and salary related allowances over a three year period. This will be paid in annual instalments of two per cent per annum with no loss in conditions of service to offset the new arrangement.

The ADF WRA first increase to ADF salary and salary related allowances took effect on 02 November 2017 when the 2014–2017 ADF WRA expired.

The second WRA increment takes effect on 01 Nov 18, and is paid on 15 Nov 18.

The third WRA increment takes effect on 14 Nov 19, and is paid on 28 Nov 19.

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Please note: This page is a guide only. For further information on policy refer to the ADF Pay and Conditions Manual.

Key information

ADF Salaries and Bonuses - provides information on salary structures, pay scales, increments and related Conditions of service for ranks of the ADF. Its also provides information about superannuation and retention benefits, overpayments and recovery of them, and payments during detention.

ADF Allowances and Reimbursements - provides information relating to the range of allowances such as:

  • General Disability Allowance
  • Trainee Allowance
  • Separation Allowance
  • Adventurous Training Instructor Allowance
  • Arduous Conditions Instructor Allowance
  • Diving Allowance
  • Flying Allowance
  • Submarine Escape Disability Allowance
  • Matrtime Disability Allowance
  • Boarding Party Allowance
  • Reserve Allowance
  • Special Forces Disability Allowance
  • Clearance Diver Allowance
  • Unpredictable Explosives Allowance
  • Paratrooper Allowance
  • Recruit instructor disability allowance
  • Sustainment Allowances
  • Maritime sustainability allowance
  • Special Forces sustainability allowance

See Allowance Rates for more information.


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