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Division 1: General

9.6.4 Purpose

This Division identifies members eligible under this Part, and defines terms and concepts used in it.

9.6.5 Member this Part applies to

This Part applies to a member, including a member on Reserve service, who undertakes an authorised journey of a kind mentioned in the sections in this table.

Note: In the total workforce model, a member on Reserve service may be described as a member in Service category 3, 4 or 5. A member on Service option C is not a member on Reserve service.

Authorised journey
Item Authorised journey Reference
1. Authorised travel – on duty Division 2 section 9.6.11
2. Conditions Division 3 section 9.6.15
3. Public transport stoppages Division 4 section 9.6.19
4. Recall outside normal working hours Division 4 section 9.6.20
5. Recreation leave travel by private vehicle Division 4 section 9.6.21
6. Marriage or ADF recognition of partnership Division 4 section 9.6.22

9.6.6 Member this Part does not apply to

This Part does not apply if a member is eligible for any of the following allowances when they travel.

  1. An allowance for travel on ceasing continuous full-time service.

  2. Executive vehicle allowance.

    Exception: The CDF may approve payment of vehicle allowance for official travel by private vehicle if the difference between the vehicle allowance payment and the cost of travel arranged by Defence will produce a saving to the Commonwealth.

    Example: A member receives executive vehicle allowance. The member applies to use their private vehicle for a five day official trip from Canberra to Nowra. The cost of a hire car is higher than the ordinary vehicle allowance payment. The CDF may approve the payment of ordinary vehicle allowance in addition to the executive vehicle allowance already payable.

    See: Chapter 4 Part 6 section 4.6.6, Executive vehicle allowance

Persons who can make the decision under paragraph 9.6.6.b, exception, on behalf of the CDF:
Director/Commanding Officer not below MAJ(E)/APS 6 in the member's direct chain of command or supervision.

9.6.7 Definitions

This table defines terms used in this Part.

Term or concept Definition in this Part
Additional costs Any of these costs.
  1. Registration or insurance fees levied as a result of eligibility for vehicle allowance.
  2. Bridge, road and ferry tolls.
  3. Parking fees in a restricted parking area, but only if they are reasonable because of the distance from the place of duty to the nearest unrestricted parking area.
Additional costs do not include parking or traffic fines.
Allowable travel time To be worked out on the basis of the actual distance by the shortest practicable route, using the following formulas.
  1. If the member is towing a towable item: the distance in km divided by 360.
  2. Otherwise: the distance in km divided by 480.
  3. If a member or their dependant has a special need: a shorter daily distance that the CDF approves for the journey.
See: Chapter 1 Part 3 Division 2 section 1.3.84, Dependant with special needs
Note: The Commonwealth bases its expectation of what it will pay on a reasonable daily driving distance by the shortest practicable route. It is expected that a member will complete the journey at a daily driving rate of 480 km or, if towing a towable item for which a removal benefit exists, 360 km. The allowable travel time is based on these distances.
Authorised Authorised for allowance under this Part by the CDF.
Greater efficiency from the use of a vehicle The use of a private vehicle results in greater efficiency if any of these three criteria are met.
  1. Using the vehicle allows the member to perform duties more efficiently than the use of the normal means of travel.
  2. Examples:
    1. If no public transport is available, or it is not possible to rearrange a duty travel itinerary to make use of public transport.
    2. If Commonwealth transport is not available, or only available from time to time, and the member needs access to suitable transport all the time.
  3. Using the vehicle enables the most effective use of Commonwealth personnel and vehicle resources.
  4. Examples:
    1. If using a Service vehicle unreasonably requires a Service driver to stay on duty outside normal duty hours.
    2. If a Service vehicle is underused for a long time on one task when it was needed somewhere else.
  5. The CDF is satisfied that the member's personal interests would be harmed if they used the normal means of travel.
  6. Example: Using a private vehicle could help avoid undue strain on the member, or their unreasonable absence from home.
Private vehicle
  1. For travel on removal by a member or their dependant: a motor vehicle owned by the member or dependant to be removed.
  2. For other travel by a member: a motor vehicle they own, hire or borrow.
Saving to the Commonwealth If the Commonwealth would pay less for a member to use a private vehicle than the normal means of travel.

Persons who can make the decisions under section 9.6.7, definitions of allowable travel time and greater efficiency from the use of a vehicle on behalf of the CDF:
For Navy members:
Commanding Officer (no rank limitation)
Supervisor not below MAJ(E)/APS 6 in the member's direct chain of command or supervision
For Army and Air Force members:
Commanding Officer/Director or supervisor not below MAJ(E)/APS 6 in the member's direct chain of command or supervision.

9.6.8 Insurance

  1. The Commonwealth will not pay for any financial liability or loss if a private vehicle on an authorised journey is involved in an accident.

  2. The member is responsible for checking how their insurance company classifies a vehicle used to travel on duty. If they classify it as a business vehicle and charge an additional premium, the member must arrange insurance as necessary.

    Note: Vehicle allowance includes a component to cover the costs of both comprehensive and compulsory third party insurance at the rate for private vehicles.

  3. The member may be reimbursed any additional premium if they are eligible for additional costs under Division 5 section 9.6.27, Additional vehicle allowance.

  4. If the Commonwealth is found liable for damage from an accident involving the private vehicle, it may claim against the member to recover any damages awarded against it.

9.6.9 Journey varied or not made

This table sets out what happens when a member's journey is varied or not made.

Note: This is subject to Chapter 6 Part 6, which authorised reimbursement of costs that result from cancellation of a posting.

Journey varied
Item If a member's authorised journey is... then they...
1. shortened must repay to the Commonwealth any vehicle allowance they received that covered the part of the journey they did not make.
2. extended are eligible for an additional amount to cover the costs of the extended journey.
3. not made must repay to the Commonwealth all the vehicle allowance they received.

Application to Reservists: Yes.


Copies of forms are available on the webforms system or through the Defence Service Centre.

  • AE505, Travel Request Form

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