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The Inspector-General of the Australian Defence Force’s (IGADF) Afghanistan Inquiry

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Division 7: Reunion travel for tertiary students

9.3.44 Purpose

This Division assists a tertiary student to be reunited with their parents in some cases.

9.3.45 Member this Division applies to

This Division applies to a member who meets either of these conditions.

  1. They are eligible for education assistance for a child who is a tertiary student.

    See: Chapter 8 Part 4 Division 5, Tertiary students not at a member's location of residence.

  2. They would have been eligible for education assistance, but is not incurring costs for the student's accommodation.

    Example: The tertiary student is studying away from the member's location of residence, but living with relatives who do not charge board. Therefore, no education assistance is paid to support the student's accommodation costs.

9.3.46 Benefit

  1. The member is eligible for two return journeys for the tertiary student each calendar year. The journey is provided on a door-to-door basis from where the student lives in the location of their educational institution to the parent's home in the posting location.

  2. See: Part 1 section 9.1.12, Door-to-door travel

  3. If the member has a removal to the new location on or after 1 July, only one journey may be taken in that calendar year.

  4. The benefit cannot be carried forward from one calendar year to the next.

  5. ADF reunion travel does not apply if travel is already provided by a community-based scheme.

  6. The benefit ends when the member ceases to be eligible for education assistance for the student.

9.3.47 Mode of travel

Travel must be by the most economical means, using student concession fares whenever possible.

See: Part 1 section 9.1.3, Most economical means of travel

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.


Copies of forms are available on the webforms system or through the Defence Service Centre.

  • AE505, Travel Request Form

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