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Instructions for obtaining a PDF copy of PACMAN

PACMAN is constantly being updated, with new Determinations being published on a monthly basis. Because of this any printed version of the document will be out-of-date almost as soon as it is printed. Therefore, we do not keep a pdf copy of PACMAN on this site.

PDF versions of the Determinations that form the PACMAN are available for download from the Determinations page on this site. These PDF versions do not contain the guidance or CDF authorisation boxes, however, as they are the legal basis for the PACMAN, they do provide the majority of the information required.

For the Determination that provides the conditions of service visit the FRLi Defence Determination 2016/19 page. This link will take you through to the Federal Register of Legislation (FRLi). This will give you the option of selecting the version of the determination with the latest version being at the top of the list. Once you have selected the version you are after, you then select Download at the top of the page, this link will give you the option of downloading PDF, Word and Zipped versions of the Determination, it is split into 4 volumes due to the size. By using this method, you will always be able to access the most current version of the information and you can also see point in time versions.

For the Determinations that provide salaries and allowances under the same Determinations tab, see the Consolidated 58H Determinations page. This will give you a list of all the current salaries and allowances determinations in PDF format.

The individual Amending Determinations are available from the Determinations page.


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