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Operational deployments - Frequently asked questions

I'm visiting an area of operations. Am I eligible for operational Conditions of Service?

You need to be assigned to an operation for operational duties in order to receive operational Conditions of Service. Members who are visiting or assigned for other than operational duties are not eligible.

Can I move my family to get them some support when I deploy?

Yes. This provision is available to members with dependants who deploy on warlike or non-warlike operations for six months or more and where there is a compelling need for support from extended family. The extended family support must be for all, or at least a significant portion of the member's deployment.

If I have to purchase my own meals, can I claim Travelling Costs?

Yes. While generally deployed members are supplied with meals and accommodation at Commonwealth expense there may be occasions when you are required to purchase your own meals or accommodation. On these occasions, Overseas Travelling Costs can be paid.

Can anyone else use my Relief Out of Country Travel Fare Assistance (ROCTFA) entitlement?

No. For deployments of less than 12 months the ROCTFA provision is only available to the ADF member. Its intent is to provide the member with the ability to spend time away from the arduous nature of their deployment. While deployments can have different designated locations for their ROCTFA destination, all deployments provide the option for members to return to Australia to meet up with their family if they so wish. However, for deployment of 12 months or more, special provisions apply. For full details of the ROCTFA provision for each deployment refer to PACMAN Chapter 17.

Can the daily amount of Deployment Allowance I'm paid when I deploy overseas be changed during my deployment?

Yes. The rate of allowance is linked to the assessed level of threat for each operation. The Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO) routinely review (at least every 12 months) the threat assessment for each operation. If the level of threat has increased since the last assessment, it will be recommended to the Minister to increase the rate of allowance. If the level of threat has decreased since the last assessment, it will be recommended to the Minister to reduce the rate of allowance. Increases are normally back dated to the effective date of the DIO assessment. Decreases are, where possible, introduced at the next planned rotation. This is not always possible and decreases can be introduced at anytime during a deployment.

If I'm ordered to perform duty outside the specified area, ie attend a Board of Inquiry or escort a casualty, will I still be paid Deployment Allowance?

Yes. Deployment Allowance will continue to be paid if you temporarily leave the specified area for operational reasons related to the deployment, for example on medical escort duties or to attend a board of inquiry. You will not receive Deployment Allowance if you leave the specified area for reasons not related to the deployment, such as compassionate leave.

If I get injured and I'm returned to Australia, will I get paid Deployment Allowance for the period I would have been deployed?

No. However, there is scope to claim, through the normal compensation process, the allowances that would have been earned if not for the injury.

Is Field Allowance paid for all deployments?

No. The payment of Field Allowance is assessed against the same criteria while deployed overseas as it is on exercise in Australia. That is, the local commander uses the Field Allowance matrix to determine if Field Allowance should be paid and at what tier. The commander then makes a recommendation to Director General Support Headquarters Joint Operations Command who is the approving authority for Field Allowance for all deployments. Field Allowance is only paid while actually living and working in the field. If you are not living in the field, then don't expect to be paid Field Allowance.

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