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Chapter 9: ADF travel in Australia

9.0.1 Overview

This Chapter sets out a member's travel, baggage, meal and accommodation benefits when they travel in Australia at Commonwealth expense.

9.0.3 Definitions

This table defines terms used in this Chapter.

Term Definition in this Chapter
Air travel for travel on duty Air travel booked under the Department of Defence travel contract.
Contracted service provider The service provider contracted to provide the Commonwealth with accommodation services for its employees and members of the ADF. It is the AOT Group (ABN No. 23 106 495 498).
Most economical means of travel The means of travel the Commonwealth considers most efficient, practical or appropriate in terms a range of factors. These factors include – but are not limited to – cost to the Commonwealth, availability of transport and time taken to travel.
See: Part 1 section 9.1.3 for more information.
Normal departmental liability The amount the Commonwealth would pay for a journey made by a member and any dependants authorised to travel to a place at Commonwealth expense. It includes the following costs.
  1. The cost of travel to the place by the most economical means.
  2. The cost of travel to and from the relevant airports, railway stations and coach terminals.
  3. Any taxes or levies on the travel.
It does not include goods and services tax (GST) on the fare.
See: Part 1 section 9.1.7 for more information.
Travel document A travel document means a ticket (including a Miscellaneous Charges Order, travel warrant, movement requisition or other document) that gives a person who holds it travel at Commonwealth expense.

9.0.4 See also

Related information in this Manual includes these Parts.

  1. Chapter 6 Part 3, Travel for removal purposes in Australia.

  2. Chapter 6 Part 5, Removals and storage.

Application to Reservists: Yes.


Copies of forms are available on the webforms system or through the Defence Service Centre.

  • AE505, Travel request form

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